The San Jose Sharks have become left shark

Another disappointing loss for the Sharks on Saturday.

I can’t figure out these San Jose Sharks. They are playing out of sync and they seem to just cough up games left and right. They blew a lead against the Senators and lost on Saturday. They’ve lost three in a row and last week in a game that I think qualified as a near “must-win” against the Kings, they blew a chance to gain ground at the Stadium Series.

The team doesn’t seem to have any cohesion and they just don’t seem to have the discipline you’d expect from a team led by some veterans. They have become left shark.

I am speechless. Sure, I knew this team was in a somewhat rebuilding mode but they still had enough pieces for another playoff run. Not it just looks like they’re going to collapse down the stretch. Surprisingly they are only two points out of the final automatic qualifier spot behind the Kings. But they are five points out of the final wild card spot. Do they even have what it takes to overcome that margin?


I just got back from the Stadium Series game and I’ll tell you about it

A view from my seat.

I just got back from the Stadium Series game at Levi’s Stadium and I had a pretty good time. I went to last year’s game in LA and that was my measuring stick for this one. It didn’t meet the excitement and standard to the LA one, but there were a few highlights.

First of all, I love outdoor hockey games so this one was nicely set up. The ambiance was pretty unique and the setting of the California terrains and the water with the bridge was really unique and nice to the setting. Aside from the actual game, which made me sad because the Sharks lost, there were some few interesting things about the experience that stood out to me.

They kept encouraging fans to be loud and displayed a decibel meter but it never got loud enough to make any significant difference. That was foolish. After all, Levi’s Stadium is still too new and the identity of the place doesn’t warrant such a gimmick.

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I am ready for the Stadium Series!

Ready to go!

The day is finally here and I am going to the Stadium Series game tonight. I’ve seen so many pictures and it looks fantastic. I have pretty high standards for this game since I went to last year’s game in LA and that blew me away.

I know that in the standings, this is a huge game. The Kings are on a roll and the Sharks are not. The Sharks need this game bad to keep afloat and maybe get some momentum by beating their rival.

This will be a fun experience and I hope the excitement delivers. Go Sharks!

My road to the NHL Stadium Series

Trying to decide what to wear to the Stadium Series. I also have a jersey I am considering.

Right now I am somewhere on I-5 on my way back to the Bay Area. I have tickets to the Stadium Series and that’s where I am going to be this Saturday. I am so prepared, I packed up some of my Sharks gear to wear to the game tomorrow.

I have the entire Saturday dedicated to this game, so I am pretty excited to get there early, snap some photos and really take in the atmosphere. This will be the second time I will be at Levi’s Stadium for an event. The first one was Jim Harbaugh’s last game with the 49ers. I will be back a month later for WrestleMania.

I attended last year’s Stadium Series game in Los Angeles. I thought it was spectacular. Hockey is growing in California and such a spectacle was amazing. KISS performed and Wayne Gretzky opened up the game by dropping the puck. I can only hope and imagine that the grandeur of this game is equally impressive.

As you remember from the artist rendering, there is a lot of potential in what it could feel like at the game. I have seen some photos of the preparation this week and I am loving what it could be. Levi’s Stadium is still new and this is one of their biggest events in its short history. WrestleMania and the Super Bowl are coming up on their schedule. Even Taylor Swift is a big deal. But it all starts this Saturday for an outdoor hockey game. I hope it’s great. I  hope it’s worth my time driving on the 5 to get up back to the Bay. Go Sharks!

Artist rendering of the Stadium Series didn’t try hard enough

As I was looking at the just released artist rendering of the Stadium Series game at Levi’s Stadium, I noticed something odd.

First of  all, the rendering looks nice. I like it a lot. I cannot wait to be there next week to see it live all by myself. The fake beach and the bright colors are very California.

But look at the crowd and the jerseys they are wearing. Look at the bottom right, in front of Dustin Brown is Logan Couture. And in front of Couture is a blank jersey with #85. That isn’t a hockey jersey. That is a football jersey. That’s actually the jersey of Vernon Davis of the 49ers just with his name removed and the jersey recolored.

Look at the fans in the concourse area on the right. Those look like football jerseys too. Come on, artist guy. You can do better.

But of course I am just nitpicking a little. Not even a big deal. Surprisingly, that was the first thing I saw when I opened the image.

Looks like Evgeni Nabokov is going to retire with the Sharks

For a few weeks there had been discussion about what Evgeni Nabokov will do with his career. At this point, retirement seemed to be the option that made the most sense. With this latest move, it appears that the Sharks are going to have Nabokov retire with the team.

The Sharks aren’t in need of a goalie at the moment and this sets up for him to announce his retirement at the age of 39, which will come this Wednesday.

Nabokov was drafted by San Jose in the ninth round (219th overall) of the 1994 NHL Draft. Nabokov holds nearly every San Jose Sharks franchise goaltending record, including: games played (563), wins (290) and shutouts (50).

He was a staple in the Sharks’ success for so long and was always one of the most beloved players during that era before leaving for Russia at the end of the 2009-10 season. He spent a few more years in the NHL with the Isles and Bolts but it looks like he will officially end it where it started.

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White at home looked so good for the Sharks

It’s rare to see white at home in the NHL but when it does happen, it’s a beauty.

Last night for Metallica night, the Sharks wore white at home and it was amazing. Brings me back to the days when that was the norm. I hope to see more of it.