The Washington Capitals Winter Classic look has a lot of stripes

This is supposedly what the Capitals will wear for the Winter Classic. The official unveiling will come shortly.

But my first reaction are the stripes. It’s on the shoulder, on the socks. I like the shorts with the stars and stars down the sleeves. It’s a pretty bold look. I like the chest logo too.

It’s actually not bad. It stands out. I wonder how it will look on ice. The massive amounts of stripes will be something that I will have to get used to. It’s not bad, but it’s not great in my opinion. But since it’s just for one game, it might be OK.

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Sharks expected to host outdoor game and this was expected

I attended the Stadium Series at Dodger Stadium earlier this year and it was amazing. The atmosphere was fun, the experience was electric and the presentation was wonderful. I was afraid that the weather would be a major concern but since it was after sunset, it was perfect for a fan like me.

So this news of the Sharks possibly hosting one of these outdoor games themselves is no surprise. This was what I expected once I saw what Los Angeles was able to do. The Sharks are a big enough draw, especially being the only Bay Area hockey team. The two possible venues of AT&T Park or Levi’s Stadium would be perfect for this.

The entire Bay Area has always supported the Sharks and this would be great for businesses nearby. Plus, it would draw major national exposure.

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Red Wings and Maple Leafs got Winter Classic look correct

Finally we get to see what the Winter Classic jerseys will look like. Modeled by the children in the video, we got exactly what we were expecting after initial leaks. Now that we know this, I am glad it turned out the way it was supposed to turn out. Color vs colors will be a great touch to the game and I hope this will be a great show.

Good job NHL. After blowing it with the lockout, at least you kept it right.

*** Those alumni jerseys don’t look bad either!

Was this the Maple Leafs’ Winter Classic jersey?

Toronto’s Winter Classic jersey?

Remember when the supposed Winter Classic shirts surfaced the Internet? Now this eBay listing has the entire hockey world abuzz. In the listing, it says that this is the Maple Leafs’ jersey that they would have worn had there been no lockout and the Winter Classic went as scheduled.

Knowing what the merchandise shirts looked like, this appears to be legit. Upon closer inspection of the photos provided, everything looks authentic. From the stitching to the placement of the Reebok wordmark, it looks real. The only question is the NHL logo at the collar and why it looks off-center. And it’s interesting to see black laces.

Aside from that, it looks like we have what the Leafs would have worn. But since the Winter Classic will be rescheduled for next year, do the Leafs keep this look? I think it looks great and would have set up a great visual matchup against Detroit.

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What would have the Winter Classic jerseys looked like?


Yesterday was supposed to be the annual NHL Winter Classic. But due to the lockout, the Detroit Red Wings never got their chance to host the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Winter Classic is played outdoors and this was supposed to be played at the Big House at the University of Michigan. These games are played in throwback uniforms — although most times these uniforms aren’t historically accurate. But I was excited to see what these two classic teams would have worn.

The above photos were leaked and if the merchandise for the Winter Classic are any indication, we would have had a great look matchup at the Winter Classic.

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Too bad we’re not going to have the Winter Classic this year

Farewell Winter Classic.

With the NHL lockout, I was fearful of an entire lost season. Not only would the interest in hockey suffer a major blow, but now we’ve lost the Winter Classic.

As you may recall back in February when they first announced the upcoming Winter Classic, I was ecstatic for it and what it could lead to for the West Coast.

This annual matchup always brings the best out of hockey. Not only did the 24/7 series give us a glimpse of what a real hockey dressing room looks like, but it also was pretty sweet to see hockey outdoors.

Now with the Winter Classic gone, it is starting to hit me that we won’t have hockey this season. The NHL has grown on me since I lived in San Jose and every year I hope for the Sharks to finally win the Cup. Now I wait and hope for that chance to come around.

Big House to get next Winter Classic and false hopes of it coming West

Will the commissioner bring the game out West?

The big announcement today from the NHL was that next year’s Winter Classic will take place at the Big House, home of the University of Michigan Wolverines. This is a very nice venue and I expect it to be a great turnout.

They’ve held hockey games in this stadium before and have drawn over 100,000 in attendance. This Winter Classic should have no problem drawing that crowd since it is Hockeytown.

The matchup between the Wings and the Leafs should be good too. Well, the Leafs aren’t that great of a team but they are the big Canadian team and it will surely draw a lot of interest going up against one of the league’s most consistent teams.

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