USA Curling and their sense of entitlement with Delta

This bothers me so much.

So many people are upset at Delta and labeling the USA Curling Team as victims. But no, they are wrong.

The curling team is acting with a sense of entitlement since they won gold, expecting freebies to be handed for them on a whim. They are wrong for this.

Delta may not actually have been able to bump people out of first class, but they should have done something in terms of a better response for good publicity.

Either way, it’s terrible that this is a story right now. Both are wrong. What a shame.


On anniversary of Tommie Smith and John Carlos’ raised fists, we are still fighting the same racial battle

On this day in 1968, one of the greatest moments in sports history happened. It was also one of the greatest moments in world history.

Tommie Smith and John Carlos, two runners from San Jose State University (my alma mater), made a demonstration that forever changed history. After having won gold and bronze medals, respectively, in the 200-meter running event, both Smith and Carlos raised a black-gloved fist during the national anthem in a gesture towards human rights. This came at a time in America where racial equality was still a distant dream.

What transpired afterward was equally telling of the times in America. There were people who understood the importance of their message; there were many who disliked the act. Smith and Carlos were immediately sent back home, they (and their families) received death threats. It became discussion over and over about how a sporting event was no place for what they deemed a political protest. What these two did was completely unacceptable and disrespectful.

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Tape delay makes me not want to care about the Olympics again

It’s crazy that the Olympics is on tape delay by NBC again. Even though it’s in the same time zone, it’s still tape delayed. Money hungry NBC won’t give us the goods.

People on the East Coast have to wait an hour before they can watch it. West Coasters have to wait four hours. This is ridiculous but NBC wants their money. I just can’t stand watching sporting events on tape delay. There is no fun in that. Maybe that’s why my care for the Olympics has not been strong. It’s just hard to care about something when the results have already been revealed.

I might watch the opening ceremony still but it won’t be any surprise since I will have read all the tweets and screenshots of everything already.

Besides, the summer Olympics doesn’t fascinate me. Give me the winter Olympics and curling!

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What if Team USA did beat Canada in hockey?

Great play by Jamie Benn.

That was the only goal of the game. It was a great play. Canada is the better team.

The game was a blowout. Even though it was a 1-0 game, it was lopsided. The Canadian defense was suffocating and the Americans just had no rhythm and speed. They were not the better team.

And I am OK with that. The better team deserved to win it and they did. It was impressive all around for them.

But what if Team USA did win? What would that mean for the country? I would like to think that a gold medal win would make hockey more popular in the country. I would think that the attention would grow. But it won’t. Even a gold medal wouldn’t do that.

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Is it un-American of me if I don’t care if the Americans do well at the Olympics?

Sure, I would like to see the USA win the gold medal, but I am not going to make a big deal about it if they don’t.

I enjoy the Olympics because it’s a gathering of the best athletes in the world competing in sports. That alone is why I tune in to watch. Do I care who wins? Not really. Unless there is a great storyline that’s tied into a gold medal chase, I really am indifferent.

Sure, I do want the US to do well but it’s not the reason why I cheer. Sometimes there are better athletes in other countries and I want them to do well. Or maybe there is a better redemption story for a team that is not an American and I want them to do well. Does that make me un-American?

I actually enjoy watching games and competitions that don’t feature any Americans. If the matchup is that good, then I’ll watch it. And sometimes, I want them to win — even if it’s against an American player.

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The Jamaican bobsled team theme song

Apparently, the movie made it popular and even though you would never figure that a country like Jamaica would have anything to do with winter sports, here we are.

Just accept this catchy theme for what it is.

USA-Russia was a hockey fan’s dream and the gateway to a new audience

T.J. Oshie scores the winner and congratulates Jonathan Quick for his stellar performance.

I’ve always wondered what it would take to get a person that isn’t into hockey to really appreciate it. Sometimes all it takes is just a big name. Sometimes it takes an actual game in person to really appreciate it.

But if I was to point out one thing, it may have been the USA vs Russia game I just witnessed.

The game had great stops, great scores, top notch players and a thrilling shootout that was heart-racing. Plus whenever Doc Emrick calls a game, it’s always good.

Hockey is a simple game but it isn’t fun for everyone unless there’s some kind of interest. In a game like this, it had all of that. USA vs Russia was a great storyline. The world’s top players. And throughout the game, we were introduced to great shots, great goaltending, a controversial goal that was wiped away and non-stop action.

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NBC is doing you a favor by tape delaying the Olympics

NBC is doing you a favor by tape delaying the Olympics

This is probably one of the worst written things I’ve seen advocating for tape delay. Not only is NBC condensing out things from other countries and all the extras, but who actually enjoys watching sporting events later in the day when we already know what happens? Let me watching something live so I can see the result unfold instead of waiting five hours already knowing that USA won and for me to see how they won. Who wants tape delay like that?

Waking up early to watch hockey was kind of confusing

That is confusing.

I woke up at 4:30AM this morning to watch USA vs Slovakia men’s hockey. That’s no problem. I’ve woken up early for games before so this was nothing new. Plus, I’m used to being up early.

But I was a little sleepy and in watching the game, I encountered a problem that I know other people had too: the teams had very similar uniforms.

Since all the hockey jerseys are made by Nike, several have similar template designs. Because of that, I had to constantly remind myself that USA was wearing white since both teams had the exact same color scheme. Looking at Slovakia, they could easily be mistaken for the USA team.

After each USA goal, I had to do a double take to make sure I knew which team wearing red, white and blue scored. Other teams have distinct enough designs, which is good.

This is the problem when the same manufacturer sacrifices creativity and just outfits everybody with the same template. Fortunately, this confusing matchup is unlikely to surface again in the Olympics. But still, can Nike get a little creative?

6 reasons curling is the best Olympic sport

6 reasons curling is the best Olympic sport