The Oakland A’s are taking off the tarps for the rest of the season

This is a big deal. The upper deck tarps, which have been an eyesore for so long, are finally coming off. Half of the proceeds of the $15 tickets will benefit a local charity as well. CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT.

As the A’s are working toward embracing their Oakland roots, this is another step for the fans. It already will be tough getting fans to the games and this will make the stadium look even more empty at times. But also this is the right step in terms of mending the relationship between the team and the city. The fans should love this and I think this is a good thing. Let’s see how it unfolds.

My first ever game at Levi’s Stadium

My first time at Levi’s Stadium. The 49ers won the game 20-17.

Since I live in LA, I rarely have time to come up to the Bay Area. Even though I was there for the construction of Levi’s Stadium, I had never actually step foot inside the building. Yesterday I finally did that to catch the 49ers’ season finale. How appropriate that I was at Jim Harbaugh’s first ever game and now I attended his last game.

The stadium itself look gorgeous from the outside. I was smart enough to take Light Rail to the stadium and I got there early so I didn’t have to worry about getting too packed in trying to get inside. The area right outside the entrance with all the booths was really nice. Great way to keep people occupied as they wait. Once inside, I was amazed at how nice it looked. There doesn’t seem to be a bad view from any spot. I like that once up the stairs, you get a nice view of the field.

It was spacious. This was something Candlestick never had and it was a huge improvement. I didn’t eat everything but I did try a torta and a seafood chowder bowl. Not bad. One thing that I wish I had done was go to the museum, but I didn’t have time for it. Instead I just walked around. There wasn’t a lot of things to occupy me when I walked around. It just seemed very big. But I guess that’s fine.

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I like the new changes the Indians are giving to Progressive Field aka Jacobs Field

I have been to this ballpark. I think it’s the second best park I have ever visited right behind Safeco Field in Seattle. The midwest, blue collar feel has always amazed me. It’s not a stadium with too much going on, but the ambiance of it always captured me. And it’s right in the heart of downtown Cleveland.

The team announced these changes in which they are opening up the entrance in Gate C to give the fans a better view. The right field deck will be renovated into luxury suites. The bullpen will also be elevated to give the fans a look as well.

Overall, this is a great exterior change. Inside, it will be a very nice look as well. I am kind of excited for this. Even though the stadium is still one of the best, classic stadiums these days have to go through changes to go with the tie. The Indians aren’t selling out games like they did before, but the team is still beloved by the city. This is a good change. I hope one day the Indians can add a World Series title along with these changes in the near future.

I saw Levi’s Stadium for first time since leaving the 49ers beat in 2012

Ever since I moved to SoCal after the 2012 NFL Draft, I had never had the chance to return to Santa Clara. I only saw minor construction of the soon to be Levi’s Stadium during my final season on the beat.

I had seen pictures and videos of the stadium’s construction from SoCal. I didn’t know when I would ever come to see the stadium up close.

Luckily today, on my way to work at Yahoo, I got a chance to stop by the stadium before I boarded light rail. It’s as beautiful as I imagined. I didn’t get a chance to go to the ribbon cutting ceremony. But I know I will be back for a game this year.

Check out the photos I took here on Facebook.

The Candlestick Farewell was perfect

The atmosphere was perfect.

The crowd was perfect.

The dramatic ending was perfect.

The farewell celebration was perfect.



My first memory of Candlestick and my final farewell

One of my favorite moments ever at Candlestick Park: Meeting Steve Young during the Monday Night Football blackout game.

One of my favorite moments ever at Candlestick Park: Meeting Steve Young during the Monday Night Football blackout game.

With today being the final game at Candlestick Park (barring any miraculous seeding occurrence), I am going to try to get to the game today for the last time as a fan. I haven’t bought the tickets yet, so hopefully Craig’s List or one of the online ticket exchange places are nice to me for this hot event.

I remember my first ever football game there was a cold Monday night game. I had been to the stadium before for a couple Giants games, but football was what this stadium was for me. It was against the Lions. The parking lot was soaked with water from the rain earlier in the day.

I actually don’t remember much from that game except for a long Barry Sanders run. I got to see Hall of Famers Sanders, Steve Young and Jerry Rice play. Terrell Owens was a young cat finding his niche. It was my first ever NFL game. It was awesome.

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49er Faithful recall good and bad memories of Candlestick Park

Farewell, old friend.

Barring any major upsets in the playoffs, Monday’s home finale will be the final NFL game ever at Candlestick Park.

For many 49ers fans, the stadium holds a lot of memories of Hall of Fame players, unforgettable games and games that will live forever. But of course, the stadium isn’t all peachy. Traffic and weather had always been the biggest issues with fans at the game and it still remains today.

On Twitter, I asked for 49ers fans to share their memories (good or bad) about the stadium. Here’s their story:


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Falcons reach deal with Atlanta mayor on new downtown stadium

A new stadium for the Falcons would be something I look forward to. The Falcons are growing in popularity again and this will continue the snowballing effect of it.

Raiders’ Coliseum to have NFL’s lowest seating capacity

Because the Raiders are that pathetic and since their move back to Oakland, have been not much of anything useful. They’re part of the reason why the A’s can can never attract fans. Mount Davis is a waste.

New Farmers Field in Los Angeles: Which NFL team will move there?

Yesterday this video was revealed at the proposed new stadium in Los Angeles. Built right next to Staples Center, this new stadium could be the new home of an NFL team. And it could lead to a potential Olympic bid and a return to a Super Bowl.

Farmers Field is an idea that hopefully is in the works. With me now being a resident of the Los Angeles area, I will have to wonder which NFL team could make this their new home.

The Vikings might be staying in Minnesota and the Jaguars have made every effort to stay in Florida. But the city of Los Angeles needs a football team and this new stadium will make a push for it.

Will there be an NFL team in LA again? We’ll see as the ball continues to roll.