MLB and Facebook deal is pretty cool in my opinion

Over the past couple years, the NFL has dabbed into streaming their games on Twitter and Yahoo. But this news of MLB going into Facebook Live is also something really important.

Maybe it’s because my perception of baseball isn’t as high in America as football. But also it’s a way to help fans of baseball get their fix in. I know with so many games and many fans unable to watch as much baseball outside of their market, this is pretty unique. Of course they can still do that on TV but having it right on Facebook is different. People are always on Facebook and having it right there on this platform is a huge deal.

Maybe I am overthinking this but I for sure feel that if I didn’t have MLB.TV, I’d probably tune in even if I don’t care for either teams.

Jaguars’ weekly Facebook Live press conferences are bring out the sad in the fans

This is so sad. The team does not look good. The team is losing games. Yet every week the Jaguars decide that they want to post the Monday press conference on Facebook Live. Head coach Gus Bradley has not lived up to expectations and as with Facebook Live, fans can react with emojis.

It’s sad. It’s anger. It’s comments with irrational thoughts.

The idea of Facebook Live press conferences is great. But when the team is 2-8 and looking awful, this is what you get. If they keep losing, expect more of this every Monday.

MLB’s Facebook page went full Chinese

The battle of the 2009 draft prospects — in Chinese!

Before realizing the oddity of it all and deleting it, Major League Baseball’s Facebook page posted the above update. It is about the upcoming matchup between the Nationals and Red, featuring Stephen Strasburg and Billy Hamilton. Both were products of the 2009 draft and now they face off.

Of course, there were lots of confusion as to why the entire post was posted in Chinese. Was this an error by MLB in an attempt to write something in Chinese but posting it in the wrong place?

The entry was deleted shortly thereafter but for a couple minutes it was very odd to see MLB post something that was completely out of the ordinary and something that I could read (well, most of it.)

Mike Silver addresses serious issue with our generation

This is something that happens to me all the time. When something comes up and I want to know more about it, I take a quick second to figure out how I want to get the answer. When I know the answer is easily found via Google or visiting a news site, that’s where I go.

But every so often, I have people ask me what the score was to a game or what happened in the news. And they are asking me on Facebook and Twitter.

If they were talking to me face to face, it wouldn’t be a major issue. But when on the Internet, these questions shouldn’t be asked. Just go to Google and find the answer. There are many sports sites out there that have boxscores. There’s no need to go on Twitter and ask “What happened in the game?” when you can look it up yourself.

This generation is getting lazy despite having easier access to information. Silver’s follower isn’t as severely offensive as the others I just mentioned, but the story still remains true.

Kobe Bryant is retiring if you believe what the Internet tells you

Earlier in the day, Kobe Bryant announced that he would have an announcement. Some speculated that he would announce his retirement, but it actually ended up that he was partnering with a non-profit organization.

But of course, if one fake account makes you believe it to be true, then people will believe it. That forced Bryant to come out and debunk those rumors.

Don’t be a fool. Not everything on the Internet is true.

Warriors wearing Twitter handle shirts for Social Media Night on Saturday

Are you ready for Social Media Night?

The Warriors are having Social Media Night on Saturday and they’re making sure everyone is connected.

Players will warm up in shirts with their Twitter handles on them. You can buy those shirts too! (I think is smart marketing and brand recognition.)

Interactive social media fun live a scavenger hunt, tweets being displayed on the screen and a Instagram photo contest are all part of the festivities. But it doesn’t end there. Texting gloves will be given to early birds and a Facebook check-in allows you to have a Q&A with point guard Jarrett Jack.

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In Which Nine Major League Baseball Teams Had Their Facebook and Twitter Hacked

When mixing in sports and Facebook, we get this. Deadspin uncovered that it was actually from an employee within MLB that was bitter, trying to play around with something that was not meant to go public. But since they are underpaid, I guess this is frustration going on.

Plus, the Braves update actually kind of sounds real. Chipper Jones is the man!