I’ve watched every highlight video of the Warriors’ huge comeback on YouTube

You know what I did last night? I stayed up on YouTube and watched the Warriors’ comeback win on YouTube. Over and over again, I watched every single highlight video of the game.

I watched Stephen Curry’s miraculous three-pointer over and over again.

I sat in awe and just could not believe that the 20-point comeback happened. That the Pelicans would freeze up late and the Warriors were able to claw their way back in. I was in amazement seeing a team that was tested and they delivered. I saw the future MVP blossom. A saw a team with high expectations meet those expectations.

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Jose Canseco just joined YouTube and it’s scary

Jose Canseco is always talking about the haters in his life. He felt that it was necessary to send a message to them via an animation of a dinosaur on YouTube. It’s pretty bad.

He then subsequently tweeted out more links on his Twitter that lead back to the YouTube front page.

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Is this 7-10 split real or fake?

This video of Scott Wearne of the Melbourne Aces is catching so wave on the Internet. Is it real or not? The reaction doesn’t seem to be that excited but such a talented throw isn’t out of the question.

Does this guy have that kind of skill? I’m on the side of maybe it’s fake, but who knows?

Props to Adidas for their “House of Mutombo” campaign

Life needs more Mutombo.

Adidas and Dikembe Mutombo have reunited for a new campaign series promoting the former NBA star’s upbringing and the rebirth of his shoe.

Check out the two videos that have been released so far. It’s simple but very funny. After all, Mutombo is so lovable and we just can’t get enough of him.

Despite my dislike for Adidas, they did good in this one.

Happy 8th birthday to YouTube

Jimmy Traina of Sports Illustrated pointed out this morning that YouTube is celebrating its 8th birthday today. On this day eight years ago, the site launched its first beta public site. It would later on in months when everyone would be able to use it, but May 20 was when it first breathed life to the Internet world.

With that in mind, I decided to check what the top 10 sports videos of all time were in YouTube’s history. Some featured some great diving videos from sides of cliffs. Some where bodybuilding videos. Some were put in the wrong category. And at #10 with over 44 million views, we have this nonsense.

Thanks YouTube for providing us great things even though we don’t upload the best things.