ESPN thinks Team USA will be hampered against China because there is “too much yellow”

“Red, white and blue will be hampered by the existence of too much yellow…”

That was what was said when talking about USA’s matchup against China. I am pretty sure it was about yellow cards, but come on! That was just poor wording and unintentional racism.

Katy Perry’s sharks make ESPN commercial

Riding the popularity of the sharks from the Super Bowl, we have this. This isn’t too funny, but hey, it’s an attention grabber.

The Drama Behind the Michael Sam Drama

The Drama Behind the Michael Sam Drama

So glad it happened the way it did. Perfectly captured and perfectly executed on the television side.

Are the Lakers the only storyline in sports today?

Too much Lakers.

I know that ESPN wants to promote the popular storylines and so forth, but almost completely ignoring the Jazz and just talking Lakers all morning on SportsCenter isn’t great. This is no surprise, but all this coverage of the Lakers isn’t healthy.

Of course, this is their style so I can’t do anything about it. It was just shocking that it made it seem like the Lakers were the only team fighting for a playoff spot. A few brief mentions of the Jazz and Rockets doesn’t really balance it out evenly.

But that’s what we have and it’s hard to really follow SportsCenter when it’s constantly talking about the same sorry team the whole time.

Luckily, there was one change of subject in this rundown bar when I took this photo. But an hour earlier, it was filled with all Lakers. It’s just too much and I don’t want any more of it.

Former Duke star Jay Williams says he attempted suicide after accident

This breaks my heart but I am glad he never went through with it. Depression is one thing that a lot people will never understand. I don’t understand it fully but I can understand that depression is a serious thing and at times, people need the right help. It’s tough to open up about it but I hope that this message can reach those who are battling it.

ESPN lets Rob Parker go after evaluation

We were all familiar with Rob Parker’s controversial comments on RG3. He apologized for it and ESPN suspended him for 30 days. That meant that his 30-day suspension would have been up on January 12. Instead they say that his contract expired and they didn’t renew it.

This was the calling by a lot of fans to have him fired immediately after his comments. But the wording of this is so strange. If his contract was going to expire, then what’s the point of the 30-day suspension? Or was this another way of saying that they fired him without actually saying it.

Either way, it’s a tough one for Parker who has said some controversial things before. The statement says that the RG3 comments weren’t only thing evaluated, but it obviously was the main factor.

I at least hope he took his apology to heart and will be better going forward.