The Mayweather-McGregor fight does not have me excited

Perhaps it’s the over-saturated hype, but the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight does not interest me anymore.

At first the idea was an interesting one and something that I might have an interest in. When it became official, I started thinking that this would be a great crossover.

But then the loud profanities and the crazy press tour they did was too much. This no longer became anything I cared about. It was a circus. It was practice videos and sparring partner drama and all this. It didn’t have a big sport feel. It started to become an act.

Do I care about who wins? Not really. Mayweather is in his element so he should win this. But after all that has happened leading up to this fight, I can’t expect anything normal to happen. I don’t know if I can expect a quality fight either.

I’m not going to watch this live. I may take a look at it on Twitter. But I will be at a concert instead. I find that more entertaining for me on a Saturday night.


Reebok’s partnership with UFC is a great move

Remember when Reebok announced that they would step away from the four major sports to focus on crossfitness? I thought at that time that they were making a smart move. They weren’t the kings of the four major sports, but could be the king in one part of sport that was essentially up for grabs.

Today’s announcement with UFC is another great move. The training that goes into mixed martial arts matches a lot of the direction and products that Reebok produces. But I think what really makes this great is that Reebok is once against tapping into a market that is relatively up for grabs.

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Justin Bieber vs Dana White in the cage is what I would pay for on PPV

I don’t like Justin Bieber. He is a clown that apparently people like. He’s rich too. So if he has so much money, why does he want to bootleg the UFC fight? Dana White put him in his place.

Bieber can’t afford to fork over $60 for a PPV? What an idiot. But I guess we need to take him seriously though, right? He’s only 19.