The Utah Jazz really screwed up with the sleeve jersey

The home and road are fine. In fact, they look pretty nice with the 66-degree angle thing. The alternate isn’t too bad either although I am not digging the font.

Oh but the sleeve Pride soccer-looking set is terrible. I know they want to pay homage to the past but this looks ugly. It doesn’t belong on the court and surely it doesn’t really even look that pleasing. Now maybe if the sleeves were gone I can like it. But they are there so I dislike it a lot. Adidas is falling hard in their final season.

Sacramento Kings officially unveil new logos and it could be better

We were informed in a post last week of what the Sacramento Kings’ new logo sets were going to look like. Today, we now know what the colors will be and how it will be used.

Let me say this first. The Kings have had an identity crisis for about 15 years. When they were the purple and black Kings who challenged the Lakers in the early 2000s, that was a neat identity. They tried to roll with it in the following years and had a lot of trouble establishing one whole identity. They were changing wordmarks and primary logos. They kept the same colors, but the whole identity as a mess.

Naturally since they have not established their look, making changes is easy. This is what we have now. The Kings deserve better and in an attempt to stay relevant, they have followed the trend of incorporating an old design to their identity. It’s not great but it’s what happens when a team is struggling to make an impact.

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MLB unveils new specialty uniforms and I don’t like any of them

This is some deep-level “get off my lawn” talk from me right now. Major League Baseball wants to commemorate all special events with new uniforms. With that money cash grab attempt (with some proceeds going to charity), we have these new uniforms for this season. Chris Creamer from has a great recap of everything.

I’ll give my thoughts on each design individually. I don’t dig the new looks.

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Oakland A’s OF Khris Davis appears to be wearing Stance socks during a game

Watching this clip, I noticed that Khris Davis is wearing some interesting socks. They don’t match any of the socks the team has worn in the recent past.

It looks like socks are all green with a stripe design at the calf, with the team logo around the ankle. I tried to get a decent screen shot of it.

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MLB’s Asian Heritage jerseys are great but not so great

So this popped up this morning. It isn’t confirmed but let’s assume it’s real for this discussion.

MLB has already promoted Spanish-language jerseys for years. I think at least half of the teams in the league have adopted some form of it in the past 10 years. It’s great. I like it. I wish other languages would get involved.

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Warriors lose monkey patch on Chinese New Year jerseys and you can figure out why

You remember this story? Kings star DeMarcus Cousins asked the team to remove the Year of the Monkey giveaway shirts on the first day of Black History Month. I get it and it’s just an unfortunate coincidence. But the shirt isn’t racist. But the timing of it just made Cousins think it wasn’t right to distribute the shirts.

So there is no monkey imagery for the Kings this month. Fine. The rest of the league can still move on with it, right?

Actually no.

Take a look at the jersey the Warriors were set to wear for Chinese New Year. Notice the monkey patch on the sleeve?

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Check out the new spring training gear

Here are the galleries to the new caps and new jerseys.

Some of the caps from years past remain the same. Some caps will be different as you can see in the above tweet. You can go through the gallery to get a better look. Some old school logos like the Brewers and White Sox make a nice debut. The Marlins, Tigers are going to be a little loud and the Rays are just going with a sun burst. Some of these are not bad. The biggest surprise is the navy maple leaf for the Jays. Each cap has a location patch as well along with a sublimated league logo on the other side.

The jerseys are a whole different story. Each jersey will have a location patch and a sublimated spring training design in the back on the name and number. Some teams are just adopting an alternate jersey in their system. Some are adding new jerseys as well. So away with special uniforms just for spring. It’s mostly take an old template and just switch out the names and numbers and add a patch.

I think this is fine. It’s not so over the top. These changes are expect. It probably will hit me more when I see them in action. But with the massive overhaul in design by Majestic this year, this comes as no surprise.