Oakland Athletics’ Josh Reddick bobblehead features the wrong jersey number

To commemorate a great catch Josh Reddick made in spring training a couple years ago, the Oakland A’s are giving away the bobblehead you see above.

As you have noticed, Reddick is wearing #22 for the bobblehead, which was not the number he wore when he made the catch. Reddick switched to #22 when Billy Butler arrived last season.

This is an odd occurrence since the bobblehead is supposed to commemorate a moment in the past but it is forced to adopt Reddick’s current jersey number. I have never seen a throwback bobblehead’s accureacy changed like this before.

But I give them props for the spinning factor.

Paul George to change uniform number so he can establish his own nickname

Paul George wears No. 24. There have been talks over the past couple seasons that he should change his number to 13 so they can call him PG-13. You know, because creativity with nicknames and numbers is the in thing right now with CP3 Chris Paul and D-12 Dwight Howard out there. And he decided that he will do just that.

So George, wanting to build his brand and establish his own nickname, will buy up all the current jerseys that bear his old number so he can make this new change.

Nicknames used to be organic. Players used to be given nicknames, not take something and create it for themselves. But in this money-hungry world, where people are all about their own image, here we go. The nickname is nice, but I will never really go for it since it was just a creation for marketing purposes. It’s not really a nickname when you give it to yourself. Giving yourself a number change so people can call you something they’ve wanted to call you is just dumb.

But money talks.

Hey Norris Cole. When are you going to change to No. 17?

LeBron James asks fans for input on which jersey number he should wear

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6 or 23?……

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I guess the idea of going with #32 is out the window. His original Cavaliers number or his current number.

I think he should wear #23 again. But then again, #6 signifies the new LeBron.

I’m good either way.

Michael Vick to wear #8 for Jets because he’s a Steve Young fan


Michael Vick has decided not to try to take #7 away from Geno Smith and cause a Jets quarterback controversy. Instead, Vick announced on his Instagram that he will go with #8. According to TMZ, this is a tribute to Steve Young.

Young is a Hall of Famer who shares similar attributes to Vick. Both are lefty quarterbacks who are known to be very mobile. Even though Young is also known to be a very good passer, Vick is hoping that he can reach that level of consistency with his passing.

This isn’t new news for anyone who has followed Vick. Vick has worn #7 for the longest time (dating back to high school) but prior to that, he wore #8 when he was young. He has been a Steve Young fan for a long time. Check out this old video of Vick meeting and praising Young.

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Did Athletics unveil uniform number change in contest?

Pitcher Tommy Milone has worn #57 since joining the Athletics. The team is giving away his signed jersey for a contest today.

However, the jersey features #47. I initially thought that was a mistake. But why would the A’s be giving away a mistake? After all, Milone signed it himself and it would make no sense for an athlete to sign a jersey that isn’t correct.

But on the signature, Milone signed #57 on it.

Maybe Milone changed his number and the Athletics might have accidentally (or maybe intentionally) announced it on Twitter. Or maybe this was a mistake.

Happy Friday the 13th: A look back at some notable uniform numbers in sports

The #13 has been good to Kurt Warner.

Today is Friday the 13th and for some people, today is a bad day. But for me, I am not superstitious about this day. I don’t care if I wear 13 or see broken glass or step on a crack. It’s not a big deal to me.

I believe the same can be said in sports. There have been so many great athletes that have worn the #13: Dan Marino, Wilt Chamberlain, Kurt Warner, Omar Vizquel, Pavel Datsyuk and Steve Nash are some that come to mind.

When I was a kid, I always wondered what number I would wear if I became a professional athlete. During elementary school when I played on the basketball team, I was assigned #20 and #35 in the two years I played. I never cared about either of those numbers.

My top choice would be #11. It has always been #11.

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