NFL denying throwbacks for 49ers in Super Bowl was best decision

The uniform matchup from the two teams’ preseason meeting in 2019 is what we will get at the Super Bowl.

The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs are going to face off in Super Bowl LIV in a couple weeks and one of the first big news stories that came out this was the uniform matchup for the game.

The designated home team rotates every year and this year the AFC team is the home team. The Chiefs are going with the red jersey and white pants for the game. That means the 49ers will be in a white jersey. However, it was reported that the 49ers petitioned to be allowed to wear their throwback uniforms for the game.

The NFL denied that request and the image you see above is what the Super Bowl matchup will be.

It is the best move by the league.

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San Jose Sharks are bringing back teal for the playoffs

Since 2011, the San Jose Sharks have worn their black jerseys for all their playoff home games. A change was in the works to go back to teal last season but they missed the playoffs. Now that the Sharks are back in the playoffs, it was confirmed by the team that teal is back. All teams must designate one home set and one away set for the playoffs.

This is a big deal for the Sharks as they are the only team in the league with teal as the primary color. Adding to the fact that the other two California teams wear black as their primary, some separation from that would be great.

The teal is a great color for the Sharks and they need to embrace that identity. It may not mean anything in terms of on-ice success, but they will at least look good.

Oakland A’s pitcher Sonny Gray lets fans decide what jersey he’ll wear for his start

With the A’s starting their second half of the MLB season at home against the Twins, starting pitcher Sonny Gray asked fans on Twitter what jersey he should wear.

Starting pitchers usually get to decide what jersey the team would wear for their starts. The A’s this season have three options for home games: White, gold or green.

The fans responded to Gray on Twitter with the majority siding with gold.

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A look at the recent history of the Oakland Athletics’ socks

Sonny Gray during the final game of the 2014 regular season.

The MLB world was talking about Sonny Gray’s socks in the Oakland A’s season opener on Monday. And for good reason. Gray, who recently started wearing his pant legs up, revealed the standard green socks we expected to see.

So it came to no surprise that when Gray went to the mound on Monday, he would rock the high socks again. But the surprise to many people was that he wore socks that had stripes on them. People thought they looked amazing.

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Did the NBA go too far with color vs color last night?

Green vs teal is not an ideal uniform matchup.

Remember last year when the Hawks and Knicks met and this happened? Orange vs red. So little contrast. The NBA said that they would not allow something like this to happen again.

So last night the Celtics wore their green uniforms against the Hornets’ teal uniforms. Does this look like a similar situation? Granted it wasn’t as hard to decipher the two uniforms compared to what happened last year. But still, both uniforms are a little too close, don’t you think?

The NBA has adopted the color vs color approach in recent years after years of the home team wearing white for their games. It’s a nice change, but there still needs to be some precedent in avoiding visual messes like this.

According to the NBA rulebook, one team must be in a “light” uniform and the other team must wear a “dark” uniform. The Celtics’ road green uniforms are considered dark. And the teal Hornets’ uniform falls under both categories apparently. The color of it is light but has been worn as a dark uniform too. Therefore, we have this.

The Hornets’ had designated the teal uniforms as their alternate but it appears that they are wearing it a lot more than their purple or white uniforms. Are the Hornets just embracing what everyone wants and wear teal? Well, whatever the case may be, they gave us a visual mess last night.

Minor leaguer Jeremy Barfield is an advocate for baggy pants in baseball

This is an interesting bit because as a player himself, he knows more than I do about comfort and style in the game. But I don’t know if this photo from 1995 is that offensive. Nobody in this photo are wearing leotard type pants. In fact, they all have some looseness to them and there seems to be enough wiggle room for mobility.

Considering that ballplayers used to wear baggier pants, I guess that is what he’s going for. But is what we see in this photo that bad? It’s not this.

But I hope he’s not advocating for Brian McCann. Or this…

Why are we so infatuated with NFL player uniform fines?

Know your uniform rules. Click to enlarge.

I’m a uniform buff. I get it. Uniforms tickle my fancy and I love reading up on it. But when it comes to fines, I actually have little to no interest on it. After all, I feel that all fines are justified in every sense.

So how come when a player is fined for his socks or sleeves he wears, people make a big fuss about it? Frank Gore’s $10,500 fine caused a lot of buzz yesterday.

If you look at the chart, these players are reminded daily of the rules. This sign is posted in every team locker room, so there is no excuse not to know of the rules. It’s a simple concept that’s adopted all over the world: Don’t show up to work out of uniform.

But why do we get so worked up when players get fined — especially for uniform violations?

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Some uni related notes from 49ers practice

From my old colleague Matt Maiocco, a photo of uniform revelations!

I miss covering training camp and it’s the one time of year that I enjoyed the most covering the 49ers beat. But I am enjoying what I am doing now and this is going to be fun for me to do something different.

I still check in on the 49ers from time to time and I noticed the above photo tweeted by Matt Maiocco. To some 49ers fans, the image gets them excited because it’s Randy Moss and Alex Smith chatting it up. But I didn’t even notice any of that. Instead, it’s the uniform that caught my attention.

One thing to note is that both players are wearing the new Nike issued cleats. Previously, the cleats had to be majority black or else there would be heavy fines. But with Nike now in charge, the rules have changed where players can now wear these cleats which is kind of 50-50 in color.

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Ted Ginn Jr. Pays Respect to Father

This is a nice thing to do now that we can thanks to the RG3 rule.

Adidas could be reason why Magic can’t trade Dwight Howard to the Bulls

Is Adidas too much in control?

During Pardon the Interruption yesterday, the topic of Dwight Howard’s next destination was discussed. There is a possibility that Howard could get traded to the Chicago Bulls at the deadline later this week.

But there could be a hitch in the process. Mike Wilbon pointed out that Adidas could be the reason why Howard won’t go to the Bulls.

Wilbon said that both Howard and Bulls guard Derrick Rose are spokesmen for Adidas. And having both of them on the same team could hurt the company’s marketing.

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