Gronk, Marshawn & Conan React To Mortal Kombat Decapitation

Thank you, Conan, for giving us this goodness.

New Madden 15 Gameplay: 49ers vs Seahawks

Here’s a look at the new Madden’s gameplay. And it’s also playing in the new Levi’s Stadium.

EA Sports Madden 15 to feature Colin Kaepernick’s tattoos

As a guy who has played the new Madden every single year since 2005, this is really neat. I didn’t like that the details on Kaepernick didn’t feature the tattoos. But now, this is really cool.

Check out the new Madden 15 trailer

Now that is realistic.

Everyone needs to go out and get Space Jam 2K14

Bugs Bunny being clutch.

Of course such a game doesn’t really exist. But thanks to MkEliteWorksX for uploading this mod, he’s got NBA 2K14 into Space Jam.

This isn’t the first time he’s modded video games. Check out his mega-LeBron mod.

But to relive one of the best childhood movies through a modern video game is pretty neat. Check out the video and get your warm fuzzy feelings on. If only this game was real.

Super Bowl will be greatest game ever if it follows this Madden simulation

In the last 10 years, the Madden simulation is 8-2. Not bad. And this year’s simulation gave us a classic. If this is how the Super Bowl goes down, it might be the greatest game ever.

OK, maybe not. But it will be pretty close.

Torrey Smith looks out for you as GTA V hits the shelves in stores

I will pick up my copy tomorrow morning. I don’t have that kind of time for going to the midnight deal. But when I do start playing, I will essentially be unreachable for a while.

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith understands that pain too. He forewarned his followers that if they were to get caught up in the game, which will happen, that they better prepare their girlfriends or wives about it.

Thanks, Torrey, You really do care!