New logos for WWE’s RAW and Smackdown aren’t that great

Every now and then new logos are welcomed and the WWE is entering a new era, so new logos for the brand split makes sense.

But holy moly, does that RAW logo look bad. And you know why it looks bad. That “W” is basically the letter “M” upside down. Why? I don’t get it.

Smackdown isn’t great either. They’re calling it “Smackdown Live” going forward and I always viewed it as a blue-dominated logo. Yet looking at the logo, there is more white and gray than blue. Not that good.

But it’s minor and hoping that maybe in time I will get used to it. Well, not that RAW logo. That one still stinks.

WWE SmackDown is going live with a brand split and that is great news

This is big news for WWE as they are going back to their old ways with a new twist. Starting July 19, SmackDown will be live on Tuesdays. In addition to that, there will be a brand split and a draft will determine the new rosters.

The idea makes sense for the WWE as they have more talent and they need to get every talent some quality TV time. Also, going live would be great to give both shows a feel of equal footing. SmackDown has always felt as the lesser show since it was taped and all the big storyline moments tend to be saved for Raw.

Now with this change, here are some thoughts.

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Ric Flair’s heel turn in which he cheers for 49ers over hometown Panthers

Wrestling legend Ric Flair was asked to give the 49ers a pep talk prior to their playoff game against the Packers. It must have worked because the 49ers won the game and even celebrated in the locker room shouting out Flair’s infamous “WOOOOO!!!” chant.

The rallying cry must have inspired the team and Flair himself offered his congratulations on Twitter.

But did Flair make a mistake by cheering on the 49ers? After all, he is a Charlotte native and the Panthers are the 49ers’ next opponent.

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A flashback at the storylines of Kane with Pete Rose

As some of you know. I am a wrestling fan. I’m not the kind of guy that goes out and buys all the shirts, toys and make every effort to watch every week. But when I get the chance to, I like to tune in and watch.

This segment that they ran last night was comedic gold. It’s hard to explain some of it unless you know some of the past storylines with Kane, but it cracked me up that a character that is supposed to be evil and demented would be so open about it.

Plus, the fact that he mentioned Pete Rose after their numerous altercations (four in my count) in the past really was the icing on the cake. Well done, WWE. You took us back to a trip down memory lane and made me laugh once again.

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Congratulations WWE Raw on 1,000 great shows

Tonight, WWE Raw will air its 1,000th episode — the longest weekly episodic run in TV history. This is a great accomplishment and for me, a standing ovation worthy kind of stuff.

I enjoy wrestling. I’ve been watching it since I was in elementary school and I still do from time to time. I know the storylines are scripted but it’s the high flying action and comical storylines that make it fun. Plus, it’s part of the American fabric.

Raw has defied all kinds of doubters and as the times have changed, so has the product. But to do be around since 1993 on a weekly basis, nonstop is amazing. And it’s still fun to watch. I will be busy so I can’t watch tonight’s 1,000th episode live but I’ll catch it later and remember all the fun moments I saw these wrestlers give me.