This is why Terrell Owens celebrated on the Dallas Cowboys star

I had always assumed that Terrell Owens’ famous touchdown celebration on the Cowboys’ star was because he wanted to mock the opposition.

Not exactly.

In “A Football Life,” Owens retells the story of that day and said it was his way of praising God. You can believe that if you want or not, but watch the video and see for yourself.

“Sean Taylor: A Football Life” – Sneak Preview

“Sean Taylor: A Football Life” – Sneak Preview

I cannot wait to see this documentary.

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“Sean Taylor: A Football Life” airs this Friday September 26 @ 9:00PM / ET. Click below to view the trailer below:

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On December 6th, 2007, I was in my second year out of college and working as a production assistant at NFL Films.  We were holding our weekly screening in our theater when the Buffalo-Washington segment from Inside the NFL began to play.

It was the first Washington home game since Sean Taylor’s murder, and I had been following the story only casually.  My impressions were formed from initial reports that Sean had allegedly lived some sort of violent lifestyle, and, in some fashion, this caused his murder.

But then, I saw the first shot of the “Inside the NFL” highlights.  It was the fans in the stands before kickoff, holding up white towels with #21 in burgundy and gold.  There…

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Meeting Don Shula and watching a live show in person

Our happy little crew with Don Shula.

Our happy little crew with Don Shula. and his wife Mary Anne.

Having been part of the NFL Network for over a year, I don’t actually get to watch a show in studio as it airs live. Since I am usually in the newsroom working with lots of news and information, rarely am I am in the studio doing television production. But it was nice to come in when I wasn’t on the clock to watch Don Shula tell stories on “A Football Life: Backstory” live in person.

Sitting there as we watched the cameras roll, the show go live and clapping on cue was really neat.

What was even sweeter was that even though I knew how everything operated during a live show, it was really exciting for me. We would watch the camera rotate around, then the hosts talk with the guest and just back and forth. Since it was a studio audience, laughing along and cheering was encouraged.

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Emmy-Nominated Series ‘A Football Life’ Returns Wednesday, September 12 at 8:00 PM ET on NFL Network

Official press release of “A Football Life” returning this Fall.