Report: Adam Morrison returning to Gonzaga as assistant coach

It’s sad that scouts had him all wrong. Sure he was great in college but he never showed me anything that I thought would translate to the NBA. Unfortunately he was drafted by the Bobcats and never had a great structure to work with. It wasn’t an outstanding top of the draft class anyway. Glad he’s found something to do now that his NBA career is officially over.

We need Adam Morrison back

Just sign him because of his hair.

A couple days ago the Nets held a tryout and Adam Morrison was part of the crew of players there. After some time away from the NBA playing overseas, the former third overall pick showed up hoping to get one more chance at the NBA.

Some team has to sign him. The benches haven’t been the same without him. And most importantly, his new hair, goatee or whatever he’s trying to look like is a much needed facelift the NBA needs.

We need Adam Morrison back in our NBA lives.

My Top 10 favorite facial hair athletes of all time

Tonight I’ll be heading to the Coliseum and they’re giving away a Rollie Fingers bobblehead. Fingers is known for not only being a great closer but having the coolest handlebar mustache around.

That got me thinking about my favorite athletes and their facial hair. Here’s a quick slideshow of my top ten and why I dig their style so much. (This is in no particular order.)

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