Hoping for hope for Aldon Smith as he tries to get things together

I remember seeing Aldon Smith for the first time. It was at his introductory press conference and he was meeting the Bay Area media for the first time.┬áSome people didn’t think that Smith was the right pick for the 49ers and so there was a curiosity to what Smith would bring to the team. Smith, with all his physical skills, ended up being a very solid pick by the 49ers. In the very short time in the league, he established himself as one of the best pass rushers in the game.

The 49ers were proud of Smith and the fact that, in a way, proved doubters wrong. They wanted the best for Smith. They wanted Smith to be a great success story.

They held onto Aldon after his first off-field incident. Then the second. Then the third. Even through last year’s ordeal, they kept holding on to him. They could have handled it differently, but the message was clear: the 49ers were not giving up on him. Sure, there was a lot of emotional attachments and some selfishness in it — but the 49ers did not want to lose Smith. It seemed like he was turning the page and getting things right. But it wasn’t to be. Finally after the fifth strike, he was out.

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Aldon Smith’s nine game suspension is tough but acceptable

First of all, here is the story via Twitter.

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What to make out of Aldon Smith’s stabbing incident

Trying to understand the mind of Aldon Smith.

As a sports fan, I have seen the great things that athletes have done on the field. I have seen even greater things that they have done off the field. But I have also seen some pretty dumb decisions by these athletes. And sometimes, these decisions have unfortunate results.

So when I found out about Aldon Smith’s stabbing incident over the weekend, I didn’t immediately jump to the conclusion that Smith is an idiot. Granted getting stabbed is a serious incident and there have to some really unsafe circumstances to lead to the injury.

But I often feel like that we are quick to judge. At least people in the media, it’s always an assumption of one thing or another because we love to label things. I try not to do it as much as I normally do in real life.

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