Ryan Swope adds onto possible trend of concussion-like symptoms leading to retirement

Ryan Swope was forced to retire early following setbacks in his recovery from a concussion suffered during OTAs.

Cardinals sixth-round pick Ryan Swope’s NFL career may be over before it ever began. The wide receiver suffered four concussions during his college years at Texas A&M and the Cardinals were well aware of the risk in drafting him.

On Thursday, they had to relay the bad news to Swope, informing him that his post-concussion symptoms were a risk to his health. Swope decided to retire from football and re-evaluate his situation a year later.

This isn’t the first time that concussions have ended a player’s career prematurely. Earlier this offseason, Running back Jahvid Best has not formally retired, but his past concussion history has prevented him from playing since a concussion in 2011.

Then Vikings cornerback Asher Allen also decided to hang up his cleats early due to his concussion history.

It’s a trend now that is starting to become the norm in the NFL.

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With Asher Allen retiring, is this going to be a common trend in the NFL?

Asher Allen abruptly retired on Friday.

If you haven’t heard the news, Vikings cornerback Asher Allen retired from football on Wednesday. He was at a very young age of 24 and was a starter for the team. He ended last season on injured reserve due to concussion-related symptoms but claimed his decision to retire was not health related.

I can take his word for it that it wasn’t health-related but I don’t think that health didn’t factor somewhat into this decision. In fact, this reminds me a lot of Glen Coffee when he retired from the 49ers after one season.

I am afraid that this might be the common trend in the NFL. Whether it’s health or finance-related, players are starting to think long and hard about their future and if the toll the NFL takes on their body is worth it.

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