David Price chronicles expensive cab ride to Oakland because he didn’t take BART

I should have taken BART.

With the Bay Bridge closed over the weekend and visiting teams to play the Oakland A’s staying in San Francisco, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price (who starts tonight) decided to take the cab to the Coliseum.


Instead of taking BART, he was stuck with a cab ride that cost him over $200.

On Twitter, Price detailed his miserable ride to Oakland.

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Happy 40th birthday, BART!

Forty years ago, BART opened.

Happy birthday, BART! Today is the 40th birthday for Bay Area Rapid Transit. BART opened up service for the Bay Area on September 11, 1972 and has been a huge part of my upbringing.

This isn’t really a sports-related post but in a way, it is. For many people, BART was the way to go for A’s, Raiders and Warriors games. The Coliseum Station is right next to the Oakland Coliseum and Oracle Arena and for me, a huge A’s fan, the BART train has been a huge part of my visits to A’s games.

And also, whenever I decide to go watch the Interleague games at AT&T Park, taking BART to Montgomery Station and walking to the park isn’t bad either.

So here’s to you BART. Happy 40th birthday!

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