My ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ movie review

If you liked Man of Steel, then you are going to like this new movie. I just got back from the theater and I loved this movie a lot. But of course, this movie isn’t perfect and it has its flaws. But what I have come to understand that this is Zack Snyder’s universe he has created. I already threw out all I knew about all the characters in the movie and have accepted this new world of Batman and Superman.

One thing that you will notice that this movie is a little messy. There areĀ a lot of complicated situations, misunderstandings, and a whole lot of fighting and building destruction (Hey! Isn’t that why we have this movie in the first place?). But to really capture the essence of the movie, you have to look at two really different characters who are bound together because of different viewpoints of things. But in reality, these two characters in Batman and Superman share similarities. That makes the situation even more complicated.

Lex Luthor’s character is the nucleus of the film. His attempt to pit the two together in a battle to the death is the genesis of his attempt to be an all-powerful warlord. That unfortunately doesn’t properly get developed in terms of character. There isn’t much to take from Wonder Woman either in terms of character development either. But it really is just to set up her own film that is to come. She did get the biggest pop in the theater.

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