If you haven’t seen it yet, the Coco lean bobblehead wins the day


I tweeted this out on Monday but this needs to be shown again. After taking the A’s organization by storm, the Bernie Lean now is in Oakland form as the team unveils the bobblehead that features Coco Crisp and the dance itself.

It’s so silly and so Oakland that I am going to make sure I am at this game. Kids will love it. Adults will love it. It’s a great giveaway that everyone wants to get a piece of.

It’s not a bobblehead, it’s a bobble lean. It’s like the bobble belly, but better.

Hiroyuki Nakajima thinks Billy Beane is Brad Pitt and wants to do the ‘Bernie Dance’

Such swag!

New Oakland A’s shortstop¬†Hiroyuki Nakajima opened up his introductory press conference saying that he thought general manager Billy Beane was “sexy and cool”. Maybe he thought Beane was Brad Pitt. After all, the new shortstop has seen the movie and is ready to embrace the culture of Oakland.

I watched his press conference and couldn’t but help but realize that this guy fits right into the culture. His witty comments — most of them through his interpreter — showed that he was ready to remove his shell of being a Japanese star and to become a big league star in Oakland.

Nakajima, who said he can be just referred to as Hiro, said that he was excited to be part of a team that has a lot of great talent around. More importantly, he didn’t join the Yankees. Nakajima had an opportunity to go the Yankees last year but opted not to do so because he didn’t want to be Derek Jeter’s backup. That’s a smart move.

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The excitement isn’t over yet for these Oakland Athletics

Great celebration last night.

Celebrate good times, come on!

That’s the song that plays after every Oakland Athletics home win at the Coliseum. It’s a fitting song for the team that is celebrating not only good times, but an accomplishment that didn’t seem possible at the beginning of the year.

Trading away All-Star pitchers Gio Gonzalez, Trevor Cahill and Andrew Bailey looked like the team was ready to rebuild with the young prospects they got in return. Instead these rookies filled in their roles nicely in the pitching staff and catapulted the A’s into the playoffs.

Major props have to be given to Billy Beane for believing in his moves despite criticisms. Key players like Jarrod Parker, Tommy Milone, Sean Doolittle and Ryan Cook have carried the team to where they are right now. Even pitchers like A.J. Griffin and Dan Strailey emerged midseason to boost this team.

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