My initial thoughts on the speech Gregg Williams gave about injuring the 49ers

The above is the audio [NSFW]. Here is my story on it.

I wouldn’t say I am too surprised at any of this. In fact, it’s actually very commonplace. Coaches are known to give speeches prior to big games and a good portion of them go into detail on how they want to hurt the opposition.

That’s the nature of football. The goal is to beat the other team and if there’s an opportunity to hurt them within the rules, it’s praised. That’s what Williams is trying to do. I don’t know if he was telling the team to only hurt people, but he wanted them to hurt and win.

The hardest thing to swallow with this piece of news is that Williams’ history. He had run the bounty program for the past three years and was already told to stop it. Yet from this new information, he continued it.

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Roger Goodell did the right thing by dropping the hammer on the Saints

Sean Payton and Roger Goodell in happier times.

I was talking with my friend the other day about the commissioners of the four major sports in America. I told him that all four commissioners aren’t liked by the fan bases they work for. But out of all of them, there was one in my opinion that has at least gained the respect by the fans: the NFL’s Roger Goodell.

In the NHL, Gary Bettman has not been a fan favorite. He has struggled to help maintain interest in the league and throughout the years, a few franchises’ futures have been in jeopardy under his watch.

In the NBA, David Stern is viewed as the bad guy despite his efforts to make basketball fun. But instead, he took away all the fun and this past offseason’s lockout might have been the last straw.

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My thoughts on the New Orleans Saints bounty on opposing players

Not the bounty we're talking about.

I could go into a lot of detail on how I feel about this bounty thing but I think my thoughts are really simple. I am disgusted by this but at the same time, I am not surprised at all at any of the findings.

There are several illegal things that are being done with a bounty. It’s a lot of contract issues that are violated and most importantly, it’s going against the league’s attempt to promote player safety. Paying players under the table to hurt others intentionally just sounds wrong.

But I don’t think the Saints are the only team that does this — they are the only ones that got caught. When on the field, the goal for the defense to is to tackle and hurt the opposition.If their play ends up hurting a player, then that’s what happens. That’s normal in football.

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