Cal is releasing the coolest bobblehead

All Bay Area fans know this. All Cal fans love this. I want this.

What a great bobblehead to commemorate the craziest play in college football.

Help me get one!

Props to Cal for not letting the Big Game move to Levi’s Stadium

It basically comes to this: Do the Cal Bears want to be viewed as that money-hungry school that would sell their tradition for glamour?

Cal knew that it wasn’t right. The fans voiced their opinion. And in the end, Cal did right by not letting the tradition of the Big Game change.

I was hoping that this was the way it would be but I was afraid that there would be too much power in the glamour. Glad we have no change. Memories of the Big Game should remain with the schools, not the big stadium for the big boys.

It would suck if a moment like this was played on a neutral site.

Can decision to move Cal-Stanford Big Game to Santa Clara work?

There are some mixed reactions to this potential deal to move the Big Game to new Levi’s Stadium in 2014.

In a business sense, it’s a great idea. Stanford is closer to Santa Clara so the travel for them is easier. Even though Cal renovated their stadium, Levi’s Stadium will have a bigger seating capacity and has a lot better amenities for the fans.

There’s a lot of potential revenue to be made here and to have it at a marquee venue would definitely boost its exposure.

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Critiquing Cal’s uniform makeover for football, volleyball and basketball

It’s OK. Nothing to get all worked up about.

Now we get to see what Cal’s new image will look like. The team introduced us to a set of new uniforms by Nike. Here is the press release for it.

My first reaction was to the logo. The school says they want to emphasize gray. I don’t think it was necessary. I didn’t think it was necessary to even add this logo. But because of it, we see it now on the shoulder, pants and numerals. OVERLOAD!

Plus, because of the shoulder logo, once against Cal doesn’t get any TV numbers. Not a big deal, but I like TV numbers.

The collar design is OK. Nothing really standing out about it since it’s a little similar to their old set. The numeral font works with the sleek design. I would have liked the classic font they had been using but this I don’t mind too much.

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WR Keenan Allen, projected first-round pick, won’t work out at NFL Combine

I remember watching Allen play ball and I know he can be an explosive receiver in the NFL. He’s not like Percy Harvin, but has some similar qualities. I hope he can make it big in the NFL and prove his value if his health holds up.

Jeff Tedford’s dismissal at Cal and going forward for the program

Cal’s winningest coach of all time.

News is circulating now that the California Golden Bears have fired Jeff Tedford. This comes on the heels of a disappointing season under Tedford and a desire to go into a new direction for the program.

This was the right move to make but as a Bears fan, this is a tough one to accept also. What Tedford did in his decade of coaching brought relevance the program again. He got the Bears ranked on a consistent basis, made them contenders nearly every year for the Pac-10 title and got the team into bowl games.

Tedford also produced major NFL stars under his tenure and gave Berkeley a football team to be proud of.

His success with the program can’t and shouldn’t be ignored.

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