Why in the world did the Clippers not use any of these logos?

Look at all four of these images. These logos are infinitely better than what they ended up using. The fact that these logos feature some sort of nautical image makes it so much better. Whether it’s a wave, anchor or ship, these logos are simply amazing.

I don’t know who makes decisions in the merchandising and graphics department, but they made the wrong one. Somehow, this made their current logo set even worse.

What if you took NFL logos and remixed them into European football (soccer) crests?

This is a real neat experiment where they take NFL team logos and turned them into European football (soccer) crests. For a small crest, they’re really detailed and creative

In fact, I think that some of the NFL teams should adapt some of them. What do you think about these?

The Rams crest is awesome.

Hat Club releases limited Houston Astros concept caps for public sale

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A few weeks ago, I came across this post on the New Era forums. Apparently this was a concept for the new Houston Astros uniforms in the mid 1970s. Obviously the team never wore these but Hat Club got wind of it and started reproducing them. Now the caps are not just in-store, but also are on sale on their site as of last week.

This is the first time to my knowledge a manufacturer has produced a cap for a concept that never made it to the field. We’ve had issues with caps being recalled for political correctness reasons, but this is a first.

What’s really neat about this cap design that it actually is very 1970s and I actually like it. All three caps are available for sale on the site and I might cop the home version. Aside from the stitching on the white panel and the NE logo on the side, the underbrim is green which is pretty historically accurate.

Which one do you like the best? This, this, or this?

All 32 NFL team logos re-imagined

New logos for every team.

This was just brought to my attention today and it’s pretty nice. These fan concepts are really detailed and it’s a fun take on the NFL logos. Although the NFL would never adopt any of these over-detailed logos, it just shows how creative some logos can be.

Check out the entire gallery here.

These Miami Dolphins new uniform concepts are pretty creative

Not a bad design. Not great, but not bad.

As we all know, the Miami Dolphins are getting a new look. They already have their supposed new logo leaked and their uniform could make their debut at the Draft.

ESPN asked their readers to submit concepts for the new uniform and I must say, I like the creativity in them.

I think the common theme is that even though the designs are all from different people, they all still want to keep the same essence for the team and their history. The colors are pretty much unchanged mostly and the image of the dolphins is seen throughout the designs. I actually like some of these but I know Nike would never use one of them. I hope it won’t be too crazy, but we’ll see.