Cavaliers fan tries to prove that Derrick Rose’s game-winning shot should not have counted

One of the best things about Twitter is reading tweets from fans who have conspiracy theories or can’t accept reality. Following Derrick Rose’s game-winner against the Cavs, I saw this tweet from a Cavs fan trying to prove that the inbound took too long. I found this very funny.

Of course, the first mistake here was that the timer started when the whistle blew, not when the inbounder received the ball. Clearly this fan doesn’t know the rules. The whistle only means that the game is resuming, not to start the clock.

Also, the five-second rule can’t be precise. It actually is on the discretion of the referee who is making the count. And if you look at the referee, he is at about 4.75 (give or take) in his count.

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Darren Rovell says he understands Chinese culture after living in China for five weeks. I have my thoughts on that

Darren Rovell was spewing out jersey sale numbers today and they were interesting. The one on sales from China took him by surprise.

Then he decided to expand on that.

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Derrick Rose to pay for funeral of slain 6-month-old Chicago girl

When will the violence end? Good to hear that people like Rose are trying to get that message out.

The ACL injury to Derrick Rose is unfortunate

Derrick Rose out for the playoffs, some of next year with the ACL. A shame.

This reminds me of when Joshua Morgan suffered a broken leg late in a game that was decided. But this is a little bit different. It’s the playoffs and Rose has been battling injuries all year. And the fact that it’s a shortened season, keeping players rested is a must.

It’s a shame that Rose got hurt and part of this is the product of a shortened season where players are forced to play back to backs all year long. I do wish that the lockout remained and that the league can go to a full season instead of this.

There have been so many injuries this year and I know a part of it is due to the compacted schedule. Rose shouldn’t have been in the game to begin with. But still, this might have been avoided all together.

Adidas could be reason why Magic can’t trade Dwight Howard to the Bulls

Is Adidas too much in control?

During Pardon the Interruption yesterday, the topic of Dwight Howard’s next destination was discussed. There is a possibility that Howard could get traded to the Chicago Bulls at the deadline later this week.

But there could be a hitch in the process. Mike Wilbon pointed out that Adidas could be the reason why Howard won’t go to the Bulls.

Wilbon said that both Howard and Bulls guard Derrick Rose are spokesmen for Adidas. And having both of them on the same team could hurt the company’s marketing.

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