Pro Bowl dodgeball is what we need and I am so happy we got it

Why did I enjoy this? The Pro Bowl and the entire week leading up to it has been boring for years. But this year the NFL brought back a passing drill (good), a drone football drop (sure) and dodgeball (YES!).

I have been a huge dodgeball fan since my childhood. I love the sport. I have played in many tournaments. I have a unique sidearm delivery. Dodgeball is fun.

I also like watching athletes playing in different sports. It’s pretty fun to see how certain athletes are out of their element. And for some, we see how good they really are at different things.

This was not going to risk their health and it was fun to watch. Good job! I want this to be an annual thing now.

The NFL Pro Bowl is your 5th grade gym class with dodgeball, relay races

This is weird. Pro Bowl week will now feature dodgeball and relay races. They will also have a passing accuracy challenge and a QB/WR drill portion. But dodgeball and relay races? Like gym class?

Competitions include:

  • Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball: Pro Bowlers will compete in a game of dodgeball.
  • Power Relay Challenge: Four team members will compete in a timed relay race.

OK, this is going to be weird to have football players at the football all-star week doing non-football related things. Aaron Rodgers throwing an 80 MPH dodgeball to send someone into concussion protocol? A guy pulls a hamstring running a relay race?

This is your gym class all over again.