Toronto Raptors’ new logo looks way too similar to the Brooklyn Nets

The Raptors unveiled this video today which features their new logo. This means that the current logo with the dinosaur will be no more after this season.

What a shame. I liked the dinosaur. I don’t like Drake and his creative ideas for the Raptors. This new logo isn’t creative at all. In fact, it looks similar to another logo.

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Toronto Raptors are having a “Drake Night”

Drake is a very popular rapper. I think his music is OK, but the Toronto native has taken the Raptors by storm. Not only is he theĀ “global ambassador” for the team, but he will have a hand in the team’s new logo and uniform identity.

The Raptors might go away from the raptor dinosaur and might go in the bird direction. After all, Drake’s logo is an owl. Could black and gold be the team’s new colors?

So here we are, having a night dedicated to a Raptors employee and international star. Why not, I guess.

I have a bad feeling Drake is going to turn the Toronto Raptors into birds

Drake and his owl.

The Toronto Raptors announced they would be hosting the NBA All-Star Game in two years. But during that same press conference, they said they will go with a complete rebrand of their identity, but will not change the team name. Toronto native and rapper Drake will help with the rebrand.


This isn’t a big deal as the Brooklyn Nets used Jay Z’s influence for their rebrand and I think it’s totally find. However, the problem with this is that there was no clarity as to what this means for the team mascot.

Since its inception, the Raptors have used a dinosaur for their mascot and logo. After all, the velociraptor was a very popular dinosaur after the release of Jurassic Park. However, the term “raptor” actually means “bird of prey” and that could mean the team could use that definition.

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