Rick Barry is a hater of ESPN’s NBA coverage

That’s brutal. I think Sage Steele is good at what she does. Jalen has to be there because he’s a former player. Then having a former coach in Doug Collins is great. Bill Simmons is a hit or miss — I personally never understood his appeal.

But Rick Barry is just a hater. He apparently just doesn’t dig the NBA Countdown crew.

This is the same guy that scolded fans for booing Joe Lacob. For shame.

ESPN is holding a baseball uniform tournament and the seeding is all wrong

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EDIT: 10:12AM — The second round is already up.

Check out the uniform contest ESPN is holding right now. They’re ranking all MLB uniforms and putting them against each other in a tournament style bracket.

The idea is fine and the concept actually is pretty unique, but the seeding has me all confused left and right.

First of all, why do the Tigers and Cardinals have first round byes? What criteria got them that spot? Is it just tradition and looks? I don’t think the Tigers set is stronger than the Yankees. The Cardinals maybe, but no free passes for either teams please.

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Rob Parker on RG3 comments: “I blew it and I’m sincerely sorry”

As much as this is good PR, this is still a bigger issue Parker doesn’t get. RG3 never said he doesn’t want to be black, he wants to be known not as just a black QB. Parker wants him to acknowledge his impact for the black community. Both are valid, but the confusion for Parker is that he was too ignorant to realize that the times have changed and even though race is still an issue, it’s not that important in this sense anymore. In the NFL where we have all kinds of people playing, a successful RG3 will will make its own impact without comments from either side. This rookie is still finding his way around the league and Parker needs to realize that he can’t judge anyone so soon or in that matter. Never judge a man’s integrity without really knowing him — and Parker doesn’t know RG3 at all.

John Clayton is trending on Twitter because of this

Well done!

ESPN sinks to a new low by making it awkward for Brandon Weeden

Thanks to Niners Nation for bringing this to my attention.

Weeden is a 28-year old NFL draft quarterback prospect and his age is a concern. But is it necessary to do this to him? It’s not like he’s hold and unable to throw a ball. He spent the early part of this 20s playing baseball before enrolling at Oklahoma State in 2007.

This is the kind of stuff that I expect better from ESPN but at the same time, I am not surprised. ESPN has been criticized for their around the clock watch of Brett Favre and Tim Tebow in recent years and has caused unintentional stirs. Age is an important part of Weeden’s profile — but not like this.

Of course, this is ESPN. And I guess my response to this should be another famous ESPN saying: “C’mon man!”

ESPN’s racist headline to Knicks loss using image of Jeremy Lin

Already dumb headline has racist touch to it.

On ESPN’s mobile page, they had this headline for the Knicks’ loss to the Hornets from Friday — ending New York’s seven-game winning streak.

And as you can see, with the hype around Jeremy Lin and his image in the photo, ESPN decides to go with “Chink in the Armor” as their headline.

No need for me to explain why that is viewed as racist. The use of the word “chink” in this situation is just a bad idea. I am not overly offended by this. Maybe it’s because I think it could have been an honest mistake.

The term “chink in the armor” has been used by ESPN numerous times in the past to describe a team’s struggles and it’s totally fine. But in all honesty, this was not a good headline to use for this situation at all.

Even if they used this headline to describe another game that had nothing to do with Jeremy Lin, it’s still a very stupid headline. It just doesn’t work with the story.

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