Oakland A’s to charge Giants fans $50 for parking for no good reason

With the annual exhibition game between the A’s and Giants in Oakland coming up, it will be a great way for the Bay to prepare for the upcoming baseball season. Additionally, the Warriors are playing at home that day too so the parking lot will be packed.

The A’s decided to use this situation to get back at Giants fans.

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Watching sports with people who aren’t sports fans is the worst

Last night I was home with friends over watching the Chiefs and Steelers play. It was fine except for one thing. More than half of the people over weren’t sports fans. They didn’t know the rules of football. They were just over to hang out. But because I was watching the game, they all just gravitated towards the couches in front of the TV.

Watching sports around people who know nothing about sports sucks.

I remember watching the NBA Finals last year with non sports people around me. I was so focused on the game but all they did was make comments about anything they saw on TV. They asked questions about what are fouls and why the clock keeps moving. They would laugh at things that seemed funny but to a sports fan, is normal actions during a game.

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Oakland A’s fans upset that they were screwed out of an Internet popularity contest

I am so glad this is over. This clogged up my timeline like no other this past week. (And I am an A’s fan and I am an Eric Sogard fan.)

MLB, with MLB Network, held a contest where fans on Twitter can send tweets with the hashtag #FaceofMLB and the selected player’s name to be counted as vote for the Face of MLB contest. The final was between #DavidWright and #EricSogard.

But what exactly is the Face of MLB contest and what is the prize? It’s a contest to see who is the Face of MLB. What does that mean? Nothing. It’s a fictional prize that has no merit and it really is a filler space for the offseason to distract baseball fans and get them interacting and uniting for a value-less prize. It’s more of a contest to see which fanbase is more active on Twitter.

Essentially, it’s a pointless Internet popularity contest. A popularity contest. The silly stuff people have in high school.

People are upset over the results of an Internet popularity contest.

It’s smart marketing in terms of interaction with fans, but it is just filler. The contest means nothing. No charity money gets raised, no real tangible prizes are given away. It’s basically just empty sugar.

So when Eric Sogard, an unlikely favorite, lost to David Wright this morning following a late surge, A’s fans called out MLB for tainting the voting process for an award that holds no meaning.

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These Bills fans have found the perfect way to cope with losing all the time

Bills fans have resorted to this? Hilarious.


While Cardinals defensive lineman Calais Campbell was being tended to on the field for an injury, the San Francisco 49ers fans decided to do the wave. Yes, while Campbell was being put on a stretcher, somehow, someway, the fans thought doing the wave was appropriate.

Shame on you.

The wave in itself is fun, but only in small doses. When they are done during the wrong time, it’s really annoying. You don’t do it when the home team is trying to score. And you obviously don’t do it when a player is hurt.

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Charlotte Bobcats on Twitter invite fans to tell their story and it’s pretty funny

Sounded like a good idea to get fans involved. However, the responses have been pretty funny since most of them are pretty irrelevant.

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This stereotype exists because it’s true: Heat fans are on the bandwagon

If you haven’t caught wind of it, last night gave us a major glimpse of how bad these Heat “fans” are. Their team is down five with less than a minute to go. If you’ve watched the NBA at any point in time in your life, you know that a deficit like that can be overcome. Especially with a team that talented like the Heat, you can’t just assume that the game is over.

But apparently these Heat fans thought so. The mass exodus of the arena is pretty embarrassing. What’s even worse is that when they found out the game went into overtime, they all tried to get back into the arena. The “No Re-Entry” policy was in effect and nobody was allowed to get back in.

I’ve always made fun of the Heat bandwagon fans and now the local and national media have joined me. This is embarrassing and it surprises me why anyone who paid good money to see a game would leave the game early. It wasn’t like a double-digit blowout. But of course, these are the things only basketball fans would know.

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The Arizona Diamondbacks Don’t Want Your Money

This is where it confuses me and this article hits it. If I pay my hard-earned money for a seat, I should be able to wear whatever I want. It’s not that my clothes were offensive. It was just the opposing team. This segregation by affiliation is not a good policy to have at all. More importantly, it just shows the backward thinking of controlling everything. You can’t control everything and trying to control paying fans isn’t good business.

Three Up, Three Down

According to Deadspin, Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick doesn’t want your money. Okay, so that’s my conclusion. But still, the events that transpired in last night’s opening game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Chase Field make very little sense.

dbacks policy


UPDATE (4/17/2013)Apparently Deadspin got in touch with members of the group who sat behind home. First off, I apologize for jokingly proclaiming them to be unloyal fans for caving to Kendrick’s wishes. They didn’t, until Kendrick threatened to have security remove them. Also, one of the group members was a terrified 7-year-old girl. Stay classy, Ken Kendrick. Read the new article, linked above, and tell me that Kendrick isn’t just out of his mind crazy? End/update.

As you can see in the picture above (h/t Deadspin), there is a group of Dodgers fans sitting in the VIP seats behind home plate. That bunch of seats reportedly…

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Does nobody care about the World Baseball Classic?

I want to care about the World Baseball Classic. But when other people don’t and the level of competition so watered down due to the lack of talent, it’s hard for me to take it seriously.

The idea of it is great but for the past two times, it’s hard to get the best players to play in the Spring. There doesn’t seem to be any other better options so we’re stuck here wondering if the WBC is worth all the trouble?

I don’t know and I’ll try to watch some games, but it doesn’t look promising to me.

Pirates are leaving it up to fans to decide on new logo in 2014

Farewell angry pirate.

The iconic “P” on the Pirates caps will remain the same. But the Pirates are looking for a new patch logo for their uniforms in 2014.

The above logo of the pirate has been used since 1997 but the team is asking season ticket holders, corporate partners, suite holders and random fans to help pick a new one. With their input, the team will create a new logo for the team.

I for one am on board with this. In the past, whenever fans have a majority input on logos and uniform designs, usually it turns out pretty good. I want to see how these fans come up with what I expect to be a pretty solid new logo.