Homer Simpson is being ‘inducted’ into the Hall of Fame

This brings me so much joy!

My love for The Simpsons and baseball came at the near same time for me as a young kid. It was only until my later years in high school did I start to really enjoy and appreciate The Simpsons. At the same time, my passion for baseball bloomed to a high fever pitch with the Oakland A’s making their run in the baseball world with Moneyball.

I look back at this episode and I proclaim this to be the show’s most perfect episode. Best ever? That is debatable. But the best story of all time? Absolutely. This show had no side stories. It was one continuous journey to see Homer’s triumph, then his fall, then his resurrection back to glory. It was funny. It was unfortunate. It was difficult to get all nine players to voice act.

But in the end, it beat the Cosby’s and helped establish The Simpsons as the real deal. And for Cooperstown to celebrate them like this? Absolutely wonderful! I want to go back to Cooperstown just for this exhibit. Maybe I will. Maybe I will!


Celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Homer at the Bat” — the smoothest Simpsons episode ever

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the airing of The Simpsons‘ episode of “Homer at the Bat”. In my opinion, it is the smoothest episode the show has ever produced. It may even be their best.

(Deadspin put together a really nice recap of the episode’s significance.)

I grew up a huge Simpsons fan but when this episode first aired, I was only a 5-year old boy. I didn’t even know what this show was until I got a little older. By the ┬átime I did finally watch the episode, I had no idea what kind of great impact this episode had.

But now that it’s 20 years later, I can appreciate it a lot more. Aside from the fact that baseball is my favorite sport, the best thing about this episode was its smooth storytelling.

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