MLB unveils new specialty uniforms and I don’t like any of them

This is some deep-level “get off my lawn” talk from me right now. Major League Baseball wants to commemorate all special events with new uniforms. With that money cash grab attempt (with some proceeds going to charity), we have these new uniforms for this season. Chris Creamer from has a great recap of everything.

I’ll give my thoughts on each design individually. I don’t dig the new looks.

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New Era reveals Independence Day caps for MLB

MLB has either had teams wear red, white and blue caps or camouflage caps for their nationals holidays in the past. This year, they will be wearing the above on Independence Day.

The design will use the same template and material as the batting practice caps. Crowns will be red with a navy brim or the reverse, with a navy crown and red brim. The underbrim appear to be all gray. The team logo will be white outlined in navy over a star with the flag design in the interior. (The Rockies cap in the image might be navy with a white outline.)

It appears that the American League could be all red crowns and the National League will all be navy crowns. At least that’s my assumption with this photo and a couple leaks in the past week.

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Grant Balfour improvises camouflage cap with a couple Sharpies


With Independence Day yesterday, teams throughout Major League Baseball wore camouflage caps to honor the military that served to provide us freedom in America.

It’s a nice gesture and all proceeds of these caps sold at stadiums and online go directly to the Welcome Back Veterans Fund, so it’s a good thing all around.

As I was watching the A’s-Red Sox game on TV yesterday, I noticed that reliever Grant Balfour’s cap was not the issues camouflaged cap. (This is what it is supposed to look like.) It appears to be a regular home cap with the logo filled in with marks from a Sharpie.

I asked some beat writers but none of them were able to get a chance to ask Balfour why he wore that. Did he misplace his cap? Is it because he’s Australian? I wonder what the reason is.

Happy Independence Day! Celebrating the Bay’s own Joey Chestnut

In about 10 minutes, Joey Chestnut will try to win the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest for the sixth time. I am really hoping he does it again.

Joey Chestnut attended SJSU and is one of the most famous people to come out of the school. (I guess that’s pretty awesome.) I don’t even care for competitive eating but because of Chestnut’s roots, it has caught my attention every year on Independence Day.

Can’t get more American than stuffing your face with hot dogs on a holiday!

Hanging out with Chestnut at the SF Street Cart Festival a couple years ago.