Injuries: A Bay Area playoff story

The Golden State Warriors and San Jose Sharks endured through injuries to key players throughout their playoff runs this year. One team overcame them while another just couldn’t win because of it.

It was a tough time for me as a fan of both teams as I have this unrealistic optimism that my teams can overcome anything.

For the Warriors, it’s a little bit easier to believe in the team’s ability despite injuries. With Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins injured, the Warriors didn’t miss a beat and advanced to their fifth straight NBA Finals appearance. Heck, Andre Iguodala missed the last game with an injury too. Cousins was out for most of the playoffs and Durant was out for essential five and a half games. Yet the Warriors didn’t miss a beat. They fell behind in some of the games but at no point did I believe they would lose.

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Is there a solution to preventing all these offseason injuries?

So many injuries this offseason.

Torn ACLs. Achilles’ injuries. Surgeries. Fractures.

All these are so common these days, and apparently more common this offseason than any in my recent memory. The NFL is entering their 2013 season with players suffering bruises left and right. However, these injuries are piling up and costing players significant playing time. For some, it will be the entire season.

How come these players are getting hurt so much this offseason?

One could easily blame that there are too many offseason programs and practices. And that might the easiest way to go in our quest to figure out the root of all these injuries But it can’t be that simple. The offseason programs have been pretty similar in years past. There might be more workouts, but all of them are safely monitored and none of the activities are out of the ordinary.

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NFL fantasy football: Ben Roethlisberger possibly out awhile

During last night’s game, there were at least five different reports before Mike Tomlin spoke in his postgame press conference. Via Twitter, there were reports of Roethlisberger having a sprain, to a separated shoulder and even after the game for ESPN to admit that they actually knew nothing about what they were reporting.

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