Stephen Curry wants to rid of ‘Short Sleeve Saturdays’

Stephen Curry has voiced his displeasure about the sleeve jerseys when they debuted last season. Other players have voiced it this season too. But Adidas and the NBA continue to push it and it appears that it might be around for a while.

Since the Warriors have won 21 road games, the last one coming off a frantic comeback win over the Blazers, Stephen Curry was asked about whether or not the Warriors should switch out their home white jerseys and wear their road duds for their next home game.

“Short Sleeve Saturdays should be gone,” Curry said (2:13 mark in above clip). “And we should wear our blue roadies for the rest of the year.”

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Warriors’ Jack throws Sixers’ Wright’s shoe into the crowd

Can’t believe I missed this. Dorell Wright needs to stop whining. Tie up your laces and play ball. Sure Jarrett Jack could have just tossed it to the first row, but what he did wasn’t illegal, so I am fine with it.