With Jeremy Lin’s new movie ‘LINSANITY’ coming out today, a look back at the first time I met him

Trailer for Jeremy Lin’s new movie now playing in theaters.


When Jeremy Lin made his NBA debut, I was in the house for that. It was 2010 and it was the Golden State Warriors’ second game of the season. It was also Asian Heritage Night. I was very lucky to have gotten a media credential to that game.

There wasn’t a lot of expectations for Lin. He was way low on the depth chart and the only way he would get some action on the court was if the game was a blowout.

Sure enough, late in the game, the Warriors took a commanding lead and it was then that then head coach Keith Smart decided to put Lin in the game. The reaction to Lin was off the charts for every opportunity he touched the ball even though he didn’t attempt a single shot in his short time on the court.

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The impact of Jeremy Lin’s move (back) to the Rockets

He’s back!

When Jeremy Lin was with the Warriors, he was seldom used and the “Linsanity” thing never really caught on. It was because he never got a chance to play a lot of minutes and due to that, it led to his eventual release.

Fast forward that to last February and the entire country was all about Lin. Merchandise was flying off the shelves with his name and he even got people who knew nothing about basketball to care.

Now he’s back with the Houston Rockets and this might be a very unique situation for him and his impact. I would believe he is a starter in Houston since he’s getting paid starter money.

But there’s more to this Lin movement than just basketball:

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The New York Post officially buries Linsanity… literally

Reblogged from Awful Announcing

We media love to giveth and taketh away.  Yesterday, we discussed the startling crash of Linsanity as his Google numbers and statistics all over the internet show a waning interest in Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks.  Well, leave it to the never overdramatic New York Post to put the final nail in the coffin of Linsanity, bury it in the ground, and give it a nice tombstone as well.

While that’s all well and good, I’d also look to the excellent Howard Beck of the New York Times who chronicles why Mike D’Antoni’s departure and Mike Woodson’s installation as Knicks coach will ultimately put Linsanity dead in the ground for the time being…

I was excited for Jeremy Lin’s success early on but I knew it wasn’t going to last. In fact, it was inevitable that the Knicks would flounder.

Jeremy Lin, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and the non-existent racist fortune cookie

Is this really racist?

This commentary is in response to the supposed racist ice cream that Ben & Jerry’s produced. To read about it, click this link.

As I have mentioned before, I am over the Jeremy Lin is Asian-American thing. I just want to view him as a basketball player. I don’t want his skin color or Harvard degree to be how I judge him as a player.

So when I read about the new ice cream flavor, I thought it was a cool idea and was not offended at all when I saw that it would include fortune cookies. But apparently, it was offensive in some way.

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ESPN’s racist headline to Knicks loss using image of Jeremy Lin

Already dumb headline has racist touch to it.

On ESPN’s mobile page, they had this headline for the Knicks’ loss to the Hornets from Friday — ending New York’s seven-game winning streak.

And as you can see, with the hype around Jeremy Lin and his image in the photo, ESPN decides to go with “Chink in the Armor” as their headline.

No need for me to explain why that is viewed as racist. The use of the word “chink” in this situation is just a bad idea. I am not overly offended by this. Maybe it’s because I think it could have been an honest mistake.

The term “chink in the armor” has been used by ESPN numerous times in the past to describe a team’s struggles and it’s totally fine. But in all honesty, this was not a good headline to use for this situation at all.

Even if they used this headline to describe another game that had nothing to do with Jeremy Lin, it’s still a very stupid headline. It just doesn’t work with the story.

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Floyd Mayweather says Jeremy Lin’s race shouldn’t matter so he uses racism to make his point

On Monday, boxer Floyd Mayweather had a series of tweets about Jeremy Lin.

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I think now I am ready to feed the beast of the Jeremy Lin hype machine

Jeremy Lin finally faced the competition he needed -- and surprised us all.

Before Friday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers, I was hesitant to jump on the hype machine that surrounded Jeremy Lin. I knew he was a good basketball player, but I didn’t want to act out of control about him — at least not after only three games.

Against the league’s 4th, 5th and 7th worst defenses in those three games, it was hard for me to go crazy for Lin. It had to take an opposition that was considered one of the league’s elite.

I wanted that proof. I needed that proof. I got that proof.

Let me preface first that I am a huge supporter of Lin. I remember attending one of his Harvard games when his team came to play Santa Clara University. I really had a blast watching him play.

I was on hand for his NBA regular season debut with the Warriors. I interviewed him right after that game. And most importantly, he was a down to earth guy when I ran into him at Denny’s.

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The unfair comparison between Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow

Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow both have cult followers in their sport.

Apparently there have been comparisons between Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow recently. Why that is, I have no idea. The two aren’t even playing the same sport, so where does the comparison even begin?

  • Tebow was a two-time champion in college football. Lin’s team never made the NCAA tournament.
  • Tebow won the Heisman for being the best in his sport. Lin was never considered the best basketball player in college.
  • Tebow was a top draft pick despite his “unconventional” style. Lin wasn’t even drafted and features a “normal” style of his play.
  • Tebow has played for one team. Lin has played for four teams in less than two seasons.
  • Tebow got starting experience in his rookie year. Lin never started a game in his rookie year.
  • Tebow has taken his team to the playoffs. Lin has not done that.

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With Jeremy Lin making waves in New York, Warriors fans shouldn’t be bitter

The buzz in the NBA right now is all about Jeremy Lin. And why not? In his first start of his career, the New York Knicks point guard put up 28 points, eight assists and two steals. Totaling that with his effort against the Nets in his last game, that’s a total of 53 points, 15 dimes and four steals.

That’s pretty good and Golden State Warriors fans are probably pulling their hair. After a pretty unimpressive rookie season last year, the Warriors cut ties with Lin after the lockout in an attempt to free up cap space to bring in DeAndre Jordan. That trade never happened and the Warriors were unable to sign Lin back.

Now Lin is flourishing in New York while the Warriors are desperate for that big spark plug player. But maybe the Warriors fans’ bitterness toward losing Lin isn’t warranted at all.

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