Jim Harbaugh continues to do Jim Harbaugh things even if he’s not with the 49ers

When Jim Harbaugh was the coach of the 49ers, he attended an Oakland A’s game. He invited then Warriors head coach Mark Jackson to come to 49ers training camp. He also met with the Giants and got them and the 49ers to unite together in support of the city. These were the things that Harbaugh did when he was with the 49ers and his connections to the Bay Area were very strong.

Now that the 49ers and Harbaugh are no longer together, one could assume that Harbaugh might not be as active in participating in various things with the local teams. That’s not the case.

As you can see, Harbaugh still remains connected to the Bay Area and he’s a special guest with the Athletics at spring training today. In fact, he might even coach at first base for a few innings.

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Jim Harbaugh’s departure from 49ers wasn’t really mutual

Here it is. In a podcast with the Mercury News, Jim Harbaugh revealed how his departure from the 49ers came to be. If you don’t want to listen to the entire podcast, here is the most notable point courtesy of his transcript.

“I was told I wouldn’t be the coach any more,” Harbaugh said. This came after the team’s Week 15 loss to Seattle. “And then… you can call it ‘mutual,’ I mean, I wasn’t going to put the 49ers in the position to have a coach that they didn’t want any more. But that’s the truth of it. I didn’t leave the 49ers. I felt like the 49er hierarchy left me.”

Then Harbaugh then talked about why he didn’t leave at that point in the season.

“I wanted to finish what I started–what we started. And I have great fond memories of it. It’s not going to be… I’m never going to take the position to trash something that I was a part of, and the memories that I have, the wins, the championships, the titles… those may be forgotten as time goes on…”

Check out the entire transcript or listen to it. it is worth your time.

Jim Harbaugh’s final farewell after a wild four-year run

We saw this coming. Now it has come.

I’m not going to blame or point fingers as to why the 49ers failed this season and all this unraveled. There is blame to be put on both the front office and Harbaugh himself. I don’t even know how much influence the players had in the season-long struggle. But both were unable to resolve their issues and now we’re here.

But even with Harbaugh leaving, the 49ers should be thankful for what he did. Three straight winning seasons, all with trips to the NFC title game. The team’s first Super Bowl appearance in 20 years and great fan interest rejuvenated after nearly a decade of futility.

Does one bad season diminish his accomplishments? Of course not. But this bad season is the reason why this four-year era is over. There was a clear discord between Harbaugh and the front office. Despite three years of great success, it ended up being a battle of power and this is where most problems in the NFL originate. When the two most important sides don’t see eye to eye, then the foundation becomes shaky.

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Why A.J. Jenkins and the 49ers just didn’t work out and who is to blame for this separation

About 16 months later, the dream is gone for the 49ers and A.J. Jenkins.

San Francisco 49ers WR A.J. Jenkins was traded to the Chiefs for receiver Jon Baldwin. This ends Jenkins’ short and disappointing tenure with the 49ers after being taken 30th overall in the 2012 NFL Draft.

In his brief time with the 49ers, he was on the field for 47 total snaps all of last season including the playoffs, He ran 22 routes, and dropped the only pass that came his way. What looked to be a potentially promising career with the 49ers is now over.

But where did it go wrong?


The first round off the 2012 NFL Draft had just concluded. The 49ers had just taken Illinois wide receiver A.J. Jenkins with the 30th overall pick about 20 minutes earlier. It was a pick that nobody except for the 49ers’ front office expected. Jenkins wasn’t the top receiver available by most draft boards and it felt like a reach for the team.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh and general manager Trent Baalke were convinced that they landed a diamond in the rough with their first selection of the draft.

“Trent Baalke last night put his name in an envelope and said ‘this is who we’re going to pick’,” Harbaugh recalled that night with a smile on his face. “We all agreed on it and it held true. That was the guy we wanted. That was the highest player on our board when the time came to pick him. We’re very excited about the pick.”

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No way Harbaugh is going to choose Smith over Kaepernick now, right?

Who will Harbaugh choose?

After yesterday’s 49ers game, I sat at work pondering what direction this team is going. Despite being 8-2-1, the team may look great with the record but their quarterback situation still has me confused.

Granted, winning solves everything and I am pretty sure coach Jim Harbaugh has that all figured out in his head what to do with it, but is the answer so obvious that we are trying to ignore it?

If you saw the game yesterday, you saw Alex Smith with his helmet on essentially throughout the entire game. Smith stood on the sidelines ready to enter. It was clear that he was physically ready to play. And logic suggests that if your starting quarterback is healthy, you play him. That was the case but Harbaugh decided to give backup Colin Kaepernick another start. Now does that mean Kaepernick is #1 on the depth chart?

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Just wanted to say thank you to all of you who follow me on this blog, on my Twitter and Facebook (links to them on right sidebar). I am thankful for all the good things that God gave me on my new journey to Los Angeles.

Hope you all are having a good day with the family. Enjoy the time with them!

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Statement on Head Coach Jim Harbaugh

Praying that coach gets back soon.

Hopeless, clueless, and classless in the NFL

A few things have occurred over the past few days and I wanted to just say my thoughts on them.

This story broke my heart and it just brought up memories of Junior Seau’s death. We don’t know what caused it and if it had anything to do with brain damage. But it reminded me a lot of Kenny McKinley and how he was suffering through a hopeless feeling and killed himself after trying to rehab back onto the Broncos.

I want to put this out there that people who have never been on the verge of suicide should never judge people who do commit suicide. You’ll never understand what it takes to push someone over the ledge. And I don’t want to judge Murdock for his actions. There could have been a lot of factors to it.

But this death adds more to the black cloud over the NFL and its current state of players killing themselves. I hope this isn’t part of the concussion issue that’s going on. But at the same time, something wrong is happening and we need to stop it.

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Jim Harbaugh’s comments about never pursuing Peyton Manning is just so typical of him

Oh this story again? Yup.

I think I know San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. I spent all of last season covering the team and was a part of every press conference the coach held with the media. His way with the media is a very unique one but to me, it all made sense. I’d say I believe I have a good grasp of what he’s all about.

Yes, he doesn’t like to talk about injuries or other players. In fact, he knew that if he limited the media access to the bare minimum, that would excel his work as a head coach. I didn’t agree with it, but I understood it.

So when Harbaugh brought up the topic of Peyton Manning (assuming he did this because of Jon Beason’s comments), it was Harbaugh being Harbaugh again. He made sure that the media had it all wrong and he was right.

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Nike’s takeover of the NFL shouldn’t seriously affect Jim Harbaugh’s wardrobe

In his final season at Stanford (a Nike school), Harbaugh was already wearing his version of a black sweater.

On April 1st, Nike will become the official outfitter of the NFL and all previous products, uniforms created by Reebok will no longer be in use. The change in supplier means that every aspect of the team will be made by Nike. From uniforms to shirts, Nike will be the outfitter.

There has been buzz as to what the Nike takeover will do to the uniforms but there is one thing that will see very little change on the 49ers’ sideline — Jim Harbaugh’s infamous black sweater.

Despite the change from Reebok to Nike, Harbaugh actually already has a history wearing a Nike black sweater. In his final year at Stanford (a Nike school), Harbaugh donned Nike’s version of a black sweater and black cap. Much like the Reebok sweater Harbaugh wore this past year, it’s all black and features a simple team logo.

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