Defending Oakland and San Francisco sports, fighting #shame and misconceptions of a supposed Bay Area rivalry

A’s take three out of four games vs the Giants.

** A ramble. A rant. Whatever you want to call it, it’s me expressing my thoughts. May not be very coherent, but it’s from the heart. 

I am so glad that this Bay Bridge interleague series is over. As much as I enjoy the battle of the two Bay Area baseball teams, it does bring out the worst out of some people. And for one national writer, it brings out ignorance.

What Jon Heyman addressed in his post may have been partially true in terms of stadium differences, but what he failed to realize was that he was comparing apples to oranges. And in reality, there can’t be a comparison because the differences of Oakland and San Francisco are so far different that this baseball “rivalry” is different from any other interleague series in baseball.

Take it from me. I grew up in the Bay Area. I know both very well. I was born in Oakland, raised in Richmond, attended school in Berkeley, went to church in San Francisco, worked in San Francisco, went to college in San Jose. I know the Bay Area. I’ve been all over the place. I understand Oakland. I understand San Francisco.

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Who’s Jon Heyman and why is he tweeting hate about the Oakland A’s?

I actually know who Jon Heyman is. He covers all MLB happenings for CBS and is an insider for the MLB Network. He is a national writer. He seems to be pretty good at his job.

But then he tweeted that.

I have a few theories as to what he was trying to do here. Maybe he thought the A’s were hosting a four-game set against the Giants rather than two in Oakland and two in San Francisco.

But I think he really believes that a series like this should be played in AT&T Park only. Apparently to him, such a series can only be played in a nice shiny park. Sure, the Coliseum isn’t like AT&T Park but to put it down like that shows how very little he knows about the fans in Oakland.

Actually, it also shows how unprofessional he is to insult a fanbase based on his own prejudice.

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