Trading away Josh Reddick stings

The A’s trading away Josh Reddick was not a surprise. He was a pending free agent, he had value to many other teams and the A’s weren’t contenders. But what he brought to the A’s will be missed.

He exceeded expectations upon his arrival in the Andrew Bailey trade. He was labeled as a “fourth outfielder” but eventually became the team’s starter since 2012. What made him endearing to the fans was that his defense was great (he got a Gold Glove) and he had the occasional power swing. Injuries and batting inconsistencies prevented him from being such a power force, but what he provided for the A’s was something amazing.

He was still one of the team’s most recognizable players, even in the recent down seasons. He liked having fun and that showed with his walk-up music to “Careless Whisper.” As a wrestling fanatic, that showed as well. Reddick was also pretty funny on Twitter when he had to be but was serious when he needed to be as well.

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Oakland Athletics’ Josh Reddick bobblehead features the wrong jersey number

To commemorate a great catch Josh Reddick made in spring training a couple years ago, the Oakland A’s are giving away the bobblehead you see above.

As you have noticed, Reddick is wearing #22 for the bobblehead, which was not the number he wore when he made the catch. Reddick switched to #22 when Billy Butler arrived last season.

This is an odd occurrence since the bobblehead is supposed to commemorate a moment in the past but it is forced to adopt Reddick’s current jersey number. I have never seen a throwback bobblehead’s accureacy changed like this before.

But I give them props for the spinning factor.

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan shaves Josh Reddick’s beard

A sad finale to a contest that we knew Reddick had no chance of winning. Oh well, all in fun.

The Reddick-Barnes Twitter scavenger hunt is underway

Josh Reddick and Harrison Barnes could tag team in the near future in a scavenger hunt.

Josh Reddick and Harrison Barnes are following through with their Twitter scavenger hunt.

Remember when Josh Reddick and Harrison Barnes talked about a scavenger hunt? It looks like they’re doing it.

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Are Josh Reddick and Harrison Barnes going to have a joint scavenger hunt?

Josh Reddick and Harrison Barnes could tag team in the near future in a scavenger hunt.

Josh Reddick and Harrison Barnes could tag team in the near future in a scavenger hunt.

Remember when Josh Reddick held his own scavenger hunt last week? That caught the eye of Golden State Warriors forward Harrison Barnes.

Barnes reached out to Reddick on Twitter about the cards Reddick left around for his scavenger hunt.

Reddick responded with details of why he had all those cards.

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Oakland A’s outfielder Josh Reddick decides to play Twitter scavenger hunt

Oakland Athletics outfielder Josh Reddick has some time on his hands. He’s nursing a wrist injury and was in Walnut Creek. He then decided to have some fun with his followers on Twitter.

He then proceeded to venture out into Walnut Creek, snapping and tweeting photos as clues for his scavenger hunt.

Take a look at the clues he gave out.

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