Adidas stops sales of Kevin Ware-inspired No. 5 T-shirt

Shame on you Adidas for being vultures of profit. Shame on you Louisville for allowing it to happen. I am glad this is done with.

How low did Adidas sink with profiting off Kevin Ware’s injury?

Before I rant a little, read the above article first. It has come to my attention that Adidas made the shirt and apparently Louisville approved for it to be sold. Because of that, we have this very strange situation. Adidas is using the injury that Kevin Ware suffered so they can make an extra buck with merchandise sales. Not a single penny made will go to Ware.

The team will wear warmups with Ware’s number, which is fine. But when it becomes a profitable entity, that’s my issue. Is it right to make money off a college student’s injury? Shame on all parties that came up with the idea and approved it.

Coincidentally, this is Adidas. I have never liked Adidas since they started outfitting the NBA and making their indelible mark in the NCAA ranks also. This just adds more to my disdain for them. But I do have to wonder though, would this have also happened with another company?

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A couple thoughts on the most foolish of days


I did not see the Kevin Ware injury live. I was on a bus but as I was scrolling through Twitter, I had never seen the Twitterverse react to an injury like that before. I was curious about it and wanted to see what happened.

Unfortunately, it was one of those things where it was being debated whether or not a replay should be shown. Eventually, I did see it moments later and I nearly vomited on the bus.

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