My Top 10 favorite facial hair athletes of all time

Tonight I’ll be heading to the Coliseum and they’re giving away a Rollie Fingers bobblehead. Fingers is known for not only being a great closer but having the coolest handlebar mustache around.

That got me thinking about my favorite athletes and their facial hair. Here’s a quick slideshow of my top ten and why I dig their style so much. (This is in no particular order.)

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Larry Bird choosing Kobe Bryant over LeBron James is the right decision

Kobe vs. LeBron: Bird chooses the winner.

The great Larry Bird was asked by Bill Simmons about Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. Which one would choose as a teammate?

Here’s Bird’s response:

“Well, probably Kobe, because of the fact that … well, of course he wouldn’t have been shooting as much as he does now … but his desire to win, his dedication, to always get better, uh, and he’s just, he’s just tough,” Bird said. “He’s just a tough cat.

“But, if you want to have fun, like I did with Bill Walton, play with LeBron. It would have probably been more fun to play with LeBron, but if you want to win and win and win, it’s Kobe. Not that LeBron’s not a winner, just that [Kobe’s] mindset is to go into every practice, every game, to get better.”

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