The NBA’s #NochesEneBeA is still a poorly executed idea

Remember when I was unhappy with how the NBA’s attempt at promoting their Latin Nights with poorly-worded uniforms? I just got an email from them with the above graphic.

I just can’t get over the idea that adding “El” or “Los” to a team name makes it Latin. At least, that’s the idea this whole promotion gives me. I get they are trying to do a promotion (and most importantly, sell merchandise) but some actual accuracy would be nice. I still don’t get how “Los Suns” can’t just be “Sols” or “Los Bulls” can’t be “Toros” instead?

As I’m watching the Suns and Heat wear their uniforms, I just can’t help but shake my head.

But I suppose the NBA will never get it. I’m just glad they didn’t screw up the Chinese New Year uniforms.


Shame on you NBA for your Latin Nights or whatever you want to call it

I got so angry I didn’t even spell it right.

I’ve been against this promotion for years. Their new logo is another sign of how the NBA gives no true effort to this promotion.

This new logo translates to NBA Nights. No sign of any kind of Latin heritage except for the use of Spanish. And what’s with the exclamation marks behind the NBA logo?

This is terrible. Shame on you NBA and your laziness. Money talks and you’re listening for all the wrong reasons.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Let’s have the NBA get foolish

Could this green Latino jersey really happen? I wouldn't be surprised if the NBA decided to combine "Latin Nights" and St. Patrick's Day together for some strange promotion.

As some of you may have noticed these past couple weeks, a few teams have decided to partake in the “Latin Nights” promotion with in the NBA. As I have said before, this idea is ridiculous and probably the most ignorant thing I have seen in recent sports memory.

If the NBA is going to acknowledge a very proud Latin heritage, at least get it right instead of just thinking adding “El” and “Los” makes something Latin.

A few teams (Celtics, Bulls, Raptors, Knicks) are also involved in another NBA promotion: green uniforms for St. Patrick’s Day. These teams are wearing special green uniforms to honor St. Patrick (and I guess the wannabes who like to get drunk for no reason) and Irish heritage.

To be clear, the NBA is honoring Latinos and the Irish in the same month. And just slapping on “El” and “Los” or just changing a uniform color in their eyes does the trick. Jersey sales go up and everybody’s happy, right?

Why does the NBA think that adding “El” and “Los” to team names is good for Latin Nights?

These uniforms look terrible.

As part of the NBA’s attempt to get more international, they have been doing Latin Nights for the past several seasons. It’s a cool idea and I think it’s good for the league.

But one of the ways the NBA celebrates Latino heritage is to give the jerseys the players wear a Latin twist. And to do that, they decide that adding “EL” and “LOS” to the jerseys should be good enough.

(And as you can see, we have the Los Angeles Los Lakers — sounds stupid).

This isn’t my culture, so I can’t say from my personal experience how this affects me. But I can imagine that if the NBA did this with any other language, they’d probably screw it up big time.

Here are the list of teams participating in this confusing promotion:

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