Check out what appears to be the new Sacramento Kings logo set

Well here it is folks. This appears to be the new Kings logo set. It takes a piece of their history and gives it a modern take to the logo. The city name is there and the font is different. The basketball has an added seam. Overall, it’s a pretty good modern version of an old logo. (Keep in mind that the official colors are not known yet — black and white is just a placeholder.)

If you click the link, you can see the the other alternate logos. Overall, it’s a nice set but I will have to wait until I see it in its full color first. I do like the lion logos.  Continue reading


Do the Islanders really have to go black & white?

I get it. New home means new unis. Those unis should match the uniform of the arena’s other resident. But somehow, I feel this is so forced.

The Islanders had a black jersey a couple seasons ago and nobody liked it. Yet somehow, adding a new black one seems like a good idea. I don’t think so. I wish the team could stick with their colors of blue and orange. I know they want to commemorate their new home, but I don’t if this is the way. Especially since black just doesn’t fit well into any of it.

We know for sure that they will wear black but the above jersey is only speculation. Either way, I really don’t like this at all. I prefer they bring back the fish sticks jersey instead.

These new Atlanta Hawks uniforms aren’t that bad really

The AJC has gotten their hands on the new Hawks uniforms and they are exactly what was expected after some guessing from their Christmas uniforms.

I’m going to look at each of these jerseys individually and tell you what I like and don’t like about them.


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Is this for real, Clippers?

Now this is interesting. Check out the above entry about the Clippers and what might be their new uniform and logo design. Take note that these are from sources and these new logos and uniforms are not confirmed, but speculation. So take them for what they are.

But let’s say that these new designs are real. What a mess!

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Is this the new Browns jersey?

These photos, courtesy of BottleGate, were taken at a Columbus store before being removed from the racks.

All the previous leaks of the jersey match this jersey. If these are the new Browns jerseys, there are a few questions I have to ask.

1- Is this the primary jersey, meaning Brown is an alt or not even a jersey?

2- Why is the city name so big on the jersey?

3- Why is the “drop shadow” actually being lifted as if the light was coming from the bottom right?

Is this the new Milwaukee Bucks logo?

A while back, there was a rumor about the Bucks getting a new logo and this post from the Chris Creamer board.

One of the regulars where my friend bartends sells merch at the Bradley Center.  Yesterday, they apparently stocked a shirt with the one of the Bucks’ new logos.  No word on whether or not it’s the primary, but here’s what they described:

-Roundel featuring a Buck that looks similar to the current one, but “angrier.”

-Green & Cream… no other colors.

-Reminded them of something a microbrewery would use.

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Miami Dolphins adding white face masks to uniform identity for first time in team history

A fan’s concept of what the new helmet could look like. (By Joe Troia)

As some of you know, the Dolphins are getting a new uniform and logo and the leaks are out. According to the Miami Herald, these leaks are accurate and that is the new Dolphins logo.

But what caught my attention in that report is this:

The theme will carry on and now the Dolphins will add white face masks to the look for the first time. The white face masks will make Miami only the second NFL franchise with that look, as Kansas City also uses white.

Jacksonville Jaguars new jersey leak has a military feel to it

Leaked Jaguars jersey? Click image to enlarge.

As mentioned earlier today, the Miami Dolphins supposedly had their logo leaked. The same person that leaked it has the Jaguars new jersey leaked too. There is no confirmation on the validity of this jersey, but let’s critique it anyway.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the patch is placed on the left side. It’s different slightly from the official logo, but it makes sense for the head to face center.

You’ll also notice the gold and what appears to be gray along the shoulders. The gold looks fine and it kind of reminds me of Cal football. The gray is what surprises me. The team has never talked about gray as being part of their color scheme. Why do we see it here? Is it supposed to imitate an image of leather pads?

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Video game leaks MLB All-Star game uniforms

Earlier in the day, New Era confirmed in a fan forum chat that the All-Star game BP caps will be the same technology used for the Spring Training caps. Knowing that and seeing the above screenshot, we have an idea on what the All-Star Game gear will look like.

Using the theme of the Mets, the cap features the New York skyline and an the “A” and “N” to designate the leagues. It will also be a white panel cap, which is starting to gain popularity with the Orioles and several other teams using it for their BP caps.

The jerseys are the same template as the BP jerseys and the design is simple. I like it that way and I am glad that is what we’re getting.

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