Trying to explain why M.I.A. gave us the middle finger and the solution for upcoming halftime shows

Even though I blurred out the finger, you know what it is.

First of all, I didn’t learn who M.I.A. was until last night when I saw the halftime show. Since I don’t know much about British music, she was a new face for me. And that was not a very strong impression she gave me and the rest of America.

We all know that she gave the middle finger during the show and the NFL is blaming NBC while NBC is returning the blame. Ultimately, the problem lies within the actual fabric of our censored American culture.

Because of our culture’s censorship ways, the airwaves had to prevent and protect the public from any kind of profanity, nudity. And to be fair, that’s the way it should be. After Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction, the delay time from live to TV had to be extended to seven seconds.

What made last night’s show tough was that the song they were performing had profanity. In the lyrics, M.I.A.’s part features the word “sh-t” twice. But since she was on TV, she had to censor that. She just said “sh” but in an attempt to still emphasize the lyric, she resorted to the middle finger. We still know what she wanted to say.

Who really thought that that couldn’t be a potential issue?

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