Was that a goaltend at the end of the UCLA-SMU game?

That was the game-winning shot! Except the ball never went in. It was ruled a goaltend and UCLA took the lead and won, advancing to the next round.

Take a look at these two angles. Is that a goaltend? The shot looks off and there appears to be a chance that it would have missed the rim entirely. Maybe the refs think it could have grazed the rim. We’ll never know. But from these angles, it looks like it would have missed.

However, the risk is too high to be even trying to grab the ball that close to the rim. And it’s odd that the officials can’t go to replay on something like that. Still, it may not have had any chance of going in, but chancing it by reaching for the ball that close to the rim warrants a call. Not a fair call, but it was the call that had to be made.

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Mercer beats Duke and Roddy White won’t honor bet he loses

Roddy White is great on Twitter but every now and then, he tweets something that he may regret. He promised a fan that he would get him season tickets if Mercer beats Duke.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Sadly, White has decided to not honor his promise.

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Yesterday was the best first day of March Madness

Upsets. 12th seeds beating 5th seeds. Four overtime games. Close finishes. My bracket went 14-2 while everyone else did worse.

What a great day! I don’t know if I have ever gone through a first day of so much drama ever watching.

Seriously, this is the best playoff system in American sports. So good. So so good!

This is how I pick a perfect bracket

If you haven’t joined, you still have some time.

I will reveal to you my formula for a winning bracket. Success rate for this formula is not very high. But because of my own personal bias, I believe what I am doing is right.

Here are my beliefs, philosophies and strategies to a perfect bracket. Not fool-proof, but I’m sticking with it.

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Sit back, relax and enjoy the best playoff system in all of sports

There are always complaints about playoff system in sports and I have to say, college basketball to me has the best. There are a multitude of teams and they all have a shot at winning the championship. This bracket style is so great and most importantly, it’s very fun to watch.

It’s not perfect (like the dumb play-in games) but I am going to enjoy March Madness. It’s just great times for basketball.

This is set up perfectly for the Cinderellas to show up, and I look forward to it.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Let’s some fun illogical logic to our tournament brackets! Duke never does well and I agree with that.
Join my bracket here.




Well, it’s that time again…  my favorite time of year has arrived.  The sound of shoes squeaking, crowds screaming, and hearts breaking will resonate for the next month.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you March Madness!  Which begs the questions, is the NCAA Basketball tournament the most exciting of all championships Pro or College?  I say yes…

Where else can you have Cinderella stories like VCU and Butler University?  College powerhouse teams such as Kansas and Louisville going home early to teams you’ve never heard of and couldn’t tell me what state they play in if I gave you 47 guesses.  Players who have flown under the radar only to break out, have a big showing in “The Dance”, earn a multi million dollar NBA contract… and never produce anything at the pro level.  Nobody does it like college basketball.

For the next month I will be watching teams…

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My brackets are filled and I am ready for some March Madness

This is one of the best times of the year in sports. The NCAA Tournament bracket is officially set and in the next several weeks, we’ll be watching some up and down basketball.

For me, basketball was my first passion when it came to sports. It was the first sport I learned how to play and to this very day, it’s still a fun game for me to watch. The NBA has diluted its product and it’s been tough recently. But whenever March comes around, I can always rely on the college game to bring me back to why I love this sport.

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