Since when do they put ads on team mascots?

I didn’t notice this before and maybe this is not new. But as I was looking through photos on my Facebook feed, this came up. Not only am I a fan of the ugly sweaters, but I noticed an ad patch on Swoop, the Eagles mascot.

Since when did they start putting ads on the mascots? I know that ads are placed on the team practice jerseys, but the mascot is also a walking billboard?

This is just another indication of the sign of the times. We already know ads are going to invade the players’ jerseys in the future. No reason to think even mascots will be safe from them.

Oakland Athletics mascot Stomper now has a rotating wardrobe

For as long as I can remember, the Oakland Athletics mascot Stomper only had one uniform. Aside from special events, the elephant would only wear the green jersey and white pants.

But this season, Stomper has been seen wearing different jerseys. He’s been seen in the new green jersey. On Monday when the A’s wore their gold tops, so did Stomper.

For Wednesday’s two games, Stomper wore the white jersey (as seen above) which matched what the team wore.

This is a new addition to Stomper’s wardrobe. It’s interesting since most mascots don’t have a rotating wardrobe to match the team. I like it.

Fake Dodgers bear mascot was so bad, I wanted more

The Dodgers don’t have a mascot. Some fan dressed up as a bear decided to act like one in the ninth inning last night. He was shortly taken away by security.

It made no sense. It was confusing. But it also reminded me that the Dodgers have no mascot and should have one. But because they have no mascot, this was the best in-crowd entertainment they had all night and it was so bad, I wanted to see more.

Too bad I couldn’t see more of it as security took him away. But for one brief moment, the confusion was wonderful.

Browns to unveil new elf mascot?

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