MLB unveils new specialty uniforms and I don’t like any of them

This is some deep-level “get off my lawn” talk from me right now. Major League Baseball wants to commemorate all special events with new uniforms. With that money cash grab attempt (with some proceeds going to charity), we have these new uniforms for this season. Chris Creamer from has a great recap of everything.

I’ll give my thoughts on each design individually. I don’t dig the new looks.

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MLB’s new Memorial Day uniforms are just OK

MLB has just announced their designs for their Memorial Day caps. It’s essentially a standard cap for all teams except that the bill is in camouflage.

These seem more and more forced every year but this year, it just seems like they’re running out of creative ideas. Heck, this design was used by New Era for the NFL already. And for the jerseys. They’re just camo-filled.

It’s not over the top but it’s not that creative anyway. It’s simply a camo bill on a regular home cap. Same for the jersey. It’s just OK. What do you think?

Memorial Day means confusion to what it means for Blue Jays

Blue Jays celebrated America’s Memorial Day by wearing their Canadian camouflage.

During American holidays, all of Major League Baseball is decked out in special uniforms. Whether it’s the caps or jerseys (sometimes both), the teams will wear either a flag patch or a camouflage design. But on Memorial Day yesterday, it was a little strange.

Since it’s an American holiday, it would have been odd for the Blue Jays to participate in the uniform changeup. But it had been promoted that the Jays would take part of it.

But when the day arrived, the Jays did not wear that cap. Instead they used the Canadian (CADPAT) camouflage design instead. As you can see in the above photo, it’s green and completely different than what the rest of the league was wearing.

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New MLB camouflage caps don’t offend me as much

Compared to whatever they’ve done in years past, this is not bad. The caps still have a generic design but at least the bills are all team-specific.

Is it a great design? Not really. But at least it is somewhat creative and I can’t complain too much about it. I doubt I am convinced to buy it, but at least the teams will look halfway decent when they wear it.

This is how some Americans feel about Memorial Day (NSFW)

Thanks Twitter!

We live in a country where we are allowed to express ourselves with freedom. And with today being Memorial Day, Twitter sadly has given people the outlet to not honor the fallen, but to insult them.

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MLB wants to celebrate the USMC and Memorial Day with this uniform

The email tells me that the deal comes with free beach towel!

We already knew that all teams would be wearing this United States Marine Corps camouflage cap, but also they will pair it up with matching jerseys.

In fact, I got an email this morning from the online shop promoting the new products and how if I spent at least $99, I’d get a free beach towel with it!

I’m pretty sure that the intent of this sale wasn’t to promote their new product by using Memorial Day as their launching pad. After all, Memorial Day is to honor all those who’ve died in war fighting for this country. But somehow, someway once again, combining a day of memory for the fallen and great deals on camouflage gear has become MLB’s norm.

As mentioned by Uni Watch, it’s one of those things where maybe the best thing is to not use the weekend as a marketing opportunity. It shouldn’t. But here we are.

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