Mitchell & Ness to roll out series of Michael Jordan throwbacks

Mitchell & Ness has teamed up with Nike to produce Michael Jordan throwbacks for the next three years, commemorating his great moments such as “The Shot” and his various all-star game moments.

Even though M&N has produced Jordan jerseys in the past, they have never done so in a series like this to celebrate the great one’s career.

One issue, however, is that there weren’t too many changes to the Bulls’ uniform during Jordan’s career. Aside from a move from a cursive script to their current script and the name tags going from sans serif to serif, there isn’t much. But that’s where the creativity comes in from M&N. All-star games, NBA Finals jersey with patches and other great moments have these little differences that they surely will capitalize on.

Let’s see how creative they can get. These will retail at $250-$300. For the press release, click here.


My favorite Michael Jordan moment

Iconic photo of Michael Jordan using Scottie Pippen for support.

I was with my friends today and the topic of Michael Jordan was brought up. It came along the lines of the what ifs in the NBA. What if Magic Johnson never got sick. What if Larry Bird’s back never gave out on him? What if Michael Jordan didn’t retire the first time?

The discussion transitioned into a focus on Jordan and what our three favorite moments were. I was thinking about his dunk against the Knicks and obviously his final shot. But for me, the one that stood out was the flu game.

I think what made it so special was this photo. That captured it for me. It was a courageous performance and I’ve been sick with the flu before. I could never play my best basketball under those conditions. But Jordan did. And that win gave the Bulls a 3-2 series lead. That game shifted the momentum of the entire series.

That game to me was the game that cemented Jordan’s legendary status for me.

Now let’s remember that game.

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I See Your Kobe and LeBron and I Raise You MJ

Can’t mess with his airness.

Another angle: Appreciating Jordan’s shot over Ehlo

I have never seen this angle of the famous play before. Most times the angle we see is from the broadcast camera. It’s a great shot, but this one makes me appreciate the difficulty of the shot. (Thanks to Deadspin for pointing this out.)

You can see Craig Ehlo draping Michael Jordan on the shot. You can see why Jordan had to double clutch on that shot to avoid the block.

And the ensuing aftermath of the hysteria and James Brown trying to get the interview. You can see the reporter from Channel 2 try to get the first interview after the shot but CBS had the priority, so Channel 2 had to hold back, then use the microphone without a flag.

This makes me appreciate firstly how great Ehlo’s defense was. And secondly, how much better Jordan was in that moment.

Happy 50th birthday, Michael Jordan!

Happy birthday!

Happy 50th birthday! Thank you for changing the game and making my time watching you in the 1990s so memorable.

I will ignore the bad business decisions you’ve made with the Bobcats and Wizard. In fact, I will forget everything you did with the Wizards. That time you played baseball, that never happened. Your numerous retirements, that never happened either.

To me, you will always be that Chicago Bull with a fiery passion, nasty defense and a clutch gene I have never seen before in anyone else.

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Michael Jordan’s trainer has program in place for Jordan to attempt comeback

This just sounds frightening. Please don’t do it, Michael!

Michael Jordon on the Cover of This Week’s Sports Illustrated

It’s a nice cover. With ESPN reminding us every minute of this, I like SI doing this simple cover with all that is his airness.

Inside Sports Illustrated

MJCoverYears after he last took the court, Michael Jordan is still a major presence in sports culture. To celebrate the iconic superstar’s 50th birthday, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has placed Jordan on its February 18th cover for a record 50th time. In this week’s issue, Senior writer Phil Taylor (@SI_PhilTaylor) looks at Jordan’s lasting effect on basketball, and sports in general, and examines his recent stint as a basketball executive for the Charlotte Bobcats.

“Depending on your generation, realizing that His Airness is now eligible for senior discounts is like the first time you heard the Rolling Stones on an oldies station or saw Winona Ryder playing someone’s mom,” Taylor writes. (PAGE 36)

Jordan, who built his own brand and spoiled us with his heroic performances, now spends his days at his $12.4 million mansion in Jupiter, Fla., or his $3.2 million condo in downtown Charlotte…

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