Tony Dungy ‘wouldn’t have taken’ Michael Sam in NFL draft

Tony Dungy ‘wouldn’t have taken’ Michael Sam in NFL draft

What Tony Dungy said wasn’t wrong. It’s a legitimate concern that every team had to ponder leading up to the draft. Michael Sam’s sexual orientation is a story that the media will follow and it can be a distraction. Plus, there was that Oprah show that was supposed to happen. Running a team is tough enough and with distractions, it gets tougher. This wasn’t Dungy saying he was against who Sam is. This is just Dungy looking big picture as a coach. I don’t find fault in what Dungy thinks because he’s right. It’s just that at this time, it was just bad timing. Say it a year from now, maybe the reaction would be different. But now, it’s a tough one to accept. I get what he said, but I don’t think he should have said it. At least not now.

Of course, I think if another former coach said this, that would be a different story. But this is Tony Dungy the mentor, the religious man, the minority coach. He should get it and feel for everyone and treat them the same, right? It’s just tough for him because he’s no ordinary former football coach. Then again, this is no ordinary situation either.

The Drama Behind the Michael Sam Drama

The Drama Behind the Michael Sam Drama

So glad it happened the way it did. Perfectly captured and perfectly executed on the television side.

Michael Sam gets drafted by the Rams and it’s worth the celebration

The wait was long, but it is over. The Rams used the 249th pick to select DE Michael Sam. After all the wondering whether or not Sam’s sexuality would hurt his draft stock, it’s good to see him land with a team that is a great situation. He’s close to home, he knows the area and the defensive unit will be a great fit for him.

Watching him cry and celebrate as he received the call from the Rams was a beautiful sight. It was amazing. It was a moment in time that will last forever.

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Paula Deen Compares Herself To “That Black Football Player” Michael Sam

Will she ever learn?

Joe Montana's Right Arm


Embattled cooking impresario Paula Deen may have stepped in it again on Wednesday when she compared her plight to that of Michael Sam – the first openly gay player in NFL history.

Deen, whose career took a rapid nosedive after revealing she used the N-word during her lifetime, is still trying to repair her image after the transgression.

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Michael Sam: His Sexuality May Prove Less Important Than Anonymous Fearmongers Suspect

Michael Sam: His Sexuality May Prove Less Important Than Anonymous Fearmongers Suspect

Now that he has made his announcement, let’s get back to football. That’s what we should judge him as in the football world: a football player.

My thoughts on NFL Draft prospect Michael Sam publicly announcing he’s gay

Does Michael Sam’s announcement affect his draft status?

I was away from the house all day and didn’t check my phone so I got home without any knowledge about NFL Draft prospect Michael Sam coming out publicly.

Here is the story from ESPN.

Here is the story of how the announcement was done from Out Sports.

I think if this happened five years ago, it would have been a huge deal. But as the country and the world has changed, so has our perspective. I think the country has been ready for an athlete to come out and say that they are gay. It was just a matter of time when. We’ve had them come out post-career but this is one of a man who is beginning his career.

On one hand, I want to follow this story because it is important. It is a sign of the times. But on the other hand, we’ve come so long that we have to wonder if it is really news. I believe it is great news, but if we make it more than what it is, then we still don’t really treat and accept one another fairly and equally.

I do believe that Sam, who is the SEC Defensive Player of the Year, has all the credentials to get drafted. I don’t even think that his scouting reports say he is not good enough to make it in the NFL. But will this announcement change how teams consider him? They know that by drafting him, the media attention will follow. Is that a deterrent?

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