Did the Padres make special road jerseys for the All-Star Game because they designed the wrong jersey?

Since the San Diego Padres were hosting the All-Star Game, the team announced before the season they would wear special home jerseys and caps to commemorate the special event. It was something new and no other team had done it before. But it was nice sine it introduced yellow into the color scheme.

There were rumors that this was a transitional jersey as the Padres were planning to go with the color scheme full-time next season.

Still, it was a bold move to have a jersey specific to the midsummer classic. And for the most part, the jersey and cap didn’t look too bad.

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I want to go to the MLB All-Star Game in 2016

When the Giants hosted the All-Star Game in 2007, I was living in New York at the time. I missed out on it. I love the All-Star Game and I would have attended that one. But that chance was gone. Now it’s announced that the All-Star Game is back on the West Coast and I actually am close enough to attend.

Living in Southern California has some perks and one is that I am only a two-hour drive away from San Diego. I could very easily go to San Diego and catch the home run derby and the All-Star Game.

Petco is a great ballpark. I have been to about 10 MLB parks in my lifetime and Petco Park is my second favorite (behind The Jake). It’s in a beautiful city, great view. The atmosphere is relaxing and there doesn’t seem to be a bad seat in the house. It’s a perfect stadium for baseball.

This is still a long time ahead from now and who knows if I would still be in SoCal. But if it’s possible, I’m going to the All-Star Game.