Oh good, the Warriors’ plan to play in a pier-based arena that could sink has been scrapped


When I first heard of this idea of playing between Pier 30-32, I thought it was silly. I am not a scientist, but I was pretty convinced that the arena would sink. The location is bad. Now we have news that they are scrapping the idea.

They are moving their plans that aren’t directly at the water. It’s still close, but at least the fear of it sinking won’t cross my mind.

But of course, I would prefer that they stay where they are. There is a major inconvenience that will come if they play in San Francisco. The travel and public transportation would be a nightmare. Plus, the prices of tickets will surely price out fans like me. Good thing – I found this: ifonly.com/San-Francisco-Bay-Area/location for my spare time.

Just have them stay in Oakland, please.

Not happening.

Warriors send letter to fans about decision to move to San Francisco

The header to the letter that was sent to me from the Warriors.

The Warriors just sent me (and all fans) a letter about their move to San Francisco. I have expressed in the past that I am against this move.

Here is the entire letter verbatim.

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I guess it looks like the Warriors are moving to San Francisco in 2017


The Warriors are going back to San Francisco.

According to this report, the Warriors will be moving to San Francisco in 2017 at earliest.

As I have said before, I don’t want this to happen. The idea of the Warriors moving to San Francisco just hurts me as both the A’s and Raiders also have uncertain futures in Oakland.

Traveling to San Francisco to watch the Giants play baseball from the other side of the Bay is a hassle. It will be the same for the Warriors. Plus, going to Oakland is a lot easier than going to San Francisco.

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Would I be OK with the Warriors moving to San Francisco?

Do we have the return of the Warriors to San Francisco?

If you haven’t heard yet, San Francisco mayor Ed Lee is courting the Warriors and trying to convince them to move to San Francisco. Here’s the article.

I don’t know the logistics of moving a franchise but I do know that I have mixed feelings about the potential move.

Being an East Bay native, I have always had the Warriors as a team that’s part of Oakland. The Oracle Arena is a nice place and it’s rocking nearly every night for this team.

Having them move to San Francisco would at least change the convenience for me. (Yes, even though I’ve moved away from the Bay, I still call it home.)

Driving to the Coliseum/Oracle area is great because I have great parking spots which I never have to pay for. Also, I can take BART to the game. It’s all right there for me, all convenient.

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