Golden State considering to be renamed San Francisco Warriors

Are the Warriors going to call themselves the “San Francisco Warriors?”

Golden State Warriors president and CEO Rick Welts wants to know if the fans would be OK with the idea of the team calling themselves the San Francisco Warriors again.

In an interview with ESPN, Welts says he wants to ask the fans to see if a name change would be something they would favor.

“We’re very curious what our fans think of that,” Welts told “I couldn’t imagine making that decision in the very near future, but we definitely want to see what our fans prefer.”

This comes following the news of the team purchasing land in Mission Bay in San Francisco for a new arena. Also, the team had previous played in San Francisco and went by that name from 1962-71. But since 1971, they were known as the Golden State Warriors.

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Please don’t let the Raptors change their name

The history of the Raptors.

If you haven’t heard, the Raptors are considering a name change.

The team has gone through some uniform changes over the years, overhauling from purple and black to now red and black. But their identity as the Raptors has remained the same.

They’ve had a few throwback games here and there but for their entire team existence, they are the Raptors. A product of the 1990s and an expansion team, they’ve had an identity that is recognizable and still very fun. I personally like their name and even though I wish they would return to purple, I want them to keep their name.

I don’t think that a name change would do anything. Even though the team isn’t a playoff contender, an identity change like this doesn’t do much. Much like the New Orleans Pelicans or the soon to be return of the Charlotte Bobcats, a new change will keep people interested for a little bit before the play on the court takes over.

Looking at it, I hope the name doesn’t change. It’s not what the team needs and it’s surely not the way I’d go about it. I like the name as is and it should stay.

Report: Charlotte Bobcats begin process of reverting name back to Hornets

The Starter Jackets, the players, the colors. This was the 90s to me. This was what basketball meant to a lot of people. To bring back the buzz would be amazing!

New Orleans Pelicans primary and alternate logos aren’t bad at all

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The New Orleans Pelicans logos are out and thanks to, we get a look at all the logos.

Here are my thoughts on all of them.

  1. Primary: The colors work well and the addition of the Fleur-de-lis into it is a perfect add to the city. The font used fits well, like one of those big boats that go up the river and signs along the French quarters. I don’t know about an angry looking pelican, but the bill works out well going into the basketball. I don’t know if the basketball is necessary but overall, this is a good logo. It’s not great, but for a rebrand, this works.
    (The bird and ball also stand as a logo itself, making it five total in the new identity.)
  2. Secondary with NOLA: Glad they continued with the Fleur-de-lis and using the city’s nickname of NOLA. And once again, the addition of a basketball. Simple and could go very well on the shorts or potentially as a back logo above the nameplate.
  3. Secondary with Crescent City: This is the first time any New Orleans sports team promoted that nickname with their identity. You can see the crescent moon in the ball. I actually think this logo is very unnecessary. A third alternate logo doesn’t need to happen.
  4. Secondary with pelican: This might be their best alternate. The Fleur-de-lis with the pelican works together so well. It actually looks like the pelican is a monk with his hood on. But regardless, it takes the team mascot and a city identity into one. I can dig this.

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Report: Hornets to officially announce name change on Thursday

Will this be the official unveiling of the Pelicans? Looks like it. Stay tuned!

New Orleans Hornets to become the New Orleans Pelicans

The brown pelican is the state's official bird.

The brown pelican is the state’s official bird.

If you haven’t heard the news, the New Orleans Hornets will become the New Orleans Pelicans as soon as the 2013-14 season.

Here is the information that we know now:

  • Owner Tom Benson (yeah, the guy who owns the Saints) has the rights to the old baseball team named the Pelicans, so the change is no surprise.
  • His wife wants the team to use the colors of the New Orleans flag (red, navy and gold).
  • The pelican is the state bird.
  • With the Hornets name as a free agent, Michael Jordan has said there is a possibility the Bobcats could take the name.
  • The names Krewe (groups of costumed paraders in the annual Mardi Gras carnival in New Orleans) and Brass were also considered.

And what do I think of all this?

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