Now that the rumored Thunder alternates are real, we can throw things at our computer

They didn’t have to, but they did.

There you go. What was rumored from NBA 2K13 is now a reality.


The Thunder have apparently taken their current identity, thrown it in the trash and re-created something totally new and called it their alternate. This set looks nothing like their home or road uniforms and more importantly, you can’t trace any kind of connection.

Instead of going with the light blue, orange or yellow, they decide to use the dark navy that I don’t think many people associate with the Thunder. Also, the design has been used before but it’s not a very good one.

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These new Thunder alternates look extremely confusing to me

I don’t understand why they chose to go with this.

I don’t mind when teams introduce new alternates. As long as it somewhat either resembles their current set or has some kind of historical connection, it works.

But what appears to be the new Thunder alternate is just so confusing. How can that be associated with this?

I know the current set features a dark navy trim, but to make an entire set out of it with a design that has no connection to their uniform makes no sense. It’s a mixture of the old Royals set with with a cup of uninspired.

There is the strange vertical stripes down the jersey with the team name in a boring font. Adding the small number on the upper right and you have a disaster of a uniform. A terrible, terrible idea. Worse than a jump to conclusions mat.

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NBA 2K13 demo leaks what appears to be new New York Knicks uniforms

This new Knicks design looks OK. But it could be better.

According to this video, the rumored new Knicks uniforms are true and they are boring. Boring might not be the right word, but it surely isn’t exciting.

The team is eliminating their old black trim to go along with their revamped logo. That means that gray/silver is the new third color to their logo.

As you can tell by these two screenshots from the NBA 2K13 screen shot, there’s a little too much white and the gray doesn’t feel like it belongs. The half piping along the arm feels out of place. Plus, I am not digging the new squished font at all.

The shade of blue and the usage of white reminds me of this.

I guess anything for merchandise sales…

Why isn’t LeBron James on the cover of NBA 2K13?

Not bad, but could have been better.

LeBron James has never appeared on a video game cover and this year would be a great time for him to finally get it done. But instead, the NBA 2K series has decided to go with Blake Griffin, Ken Durant and Derrick Rose for their newest cover. (The game is set to come out in November.)

These three aren’t bad choices but why not include the most talked about player in the league? He’s the defending MVP, Finals MVP and is a champion now.

Maybe James didn’t want to be on the cover. But if there was a chance to put the most talked about star of the league on the cover, this had to be the year. It’s a missed opportunity I think.